Andrew, does the Army want him representing them?

A quick glance at all of the Readers' Comments under the various stories on the subject doesn't show the tiniest hint of sympathy for his yearnings. Should the Grenadiers request that he return to his previous duties, by all means allow him to. Contact me for odds on that happening.
Go on then, quote the odds...


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What have the Scots done to deserve that?

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


The Prosecution rests, M'lud.
I suggest that Randy Andy be made the Queen's Special and Residential Commissioner for St Kilda.
I notice he is daggered up, wtf? That's up with with Chuck's wings. Pair of clowns.

He completed the AACC.

Prince Charles has completed his jumps.

Therefore both entitled to wear them.

All covered on ARRSE many times.

You clown.
Except he isn't. His private comments on a subject (which he's allowed to do), were leaked by someone. Hardly him sticking his ears in.
Or were they leaked so they'd become known?
I notice he is daggered up, wtf? That's up with with Chuck's wings. Pair of clowns.

When serving he used to fly the shakeys around, maybe he was presented with a beret, or whatever, who knows, they may just be out of the dress up box.


Charles is a Globalist Puppet.
Tread drift:
Charles is the product of our island heritage over hundreds of years. His whole upbringing has been targeted with giving him the understanding to assist the Government of the day in an informed advisory role. His vision is set to improve and enhance the United Kingdom and its Subjects well into the future. If we are set on disposing of our current system in favour of a President, that individual will have arrived there through a political process with all the bias that implies and and a short termism viewpoint dictated by the length of the period of his/her tenure. In my opinion, for what it is worth, we are better off with a system that has an independent head of state beholden to not to a particular group but to the Nation as a whole and the problems which we have been beset by over the recent decades have been enhanced by short term idological political aims.
Drift off.

Andrew unfortunately also a product of my favoured system does it no favours however the RF understands the issues around his past and public perception and despite the Queens obvious regard for him is keeping him isolated from the center. This will be re-enforced when Charles becomes King. I can not see any Regiment wishing to be associated with him now or in the future and there are far better Royal candidates.

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