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I just finished reading AA's book about his time at the CPA from 2003 as a TA Major/Investment Banker to FCO consultant to the CPA for 2003 - June 2004.

Whilst AA's ego is very apparent he did, apparently, do a good job out there (I checked with a friend who was also at the CPA at the time) and the book explains what he did, the issues along the way and what he did to fix them. Its a bit I did, I went, I noticed, I etc but that aside, for anyone wondering what the CPA were doing during that time, this book will provide some interesting insight into the challenges and activities and pressures.

Recommended reading.

Mr Happy score 70%

Mr Happy

to be fair, his who's who at the back lists 78 names and if he mentioned any more in the text it would get beyond trackable for the reader.. Hollywood rules strike again..
Read this when it came out last April, passed it on to the nice snco in the pay office. Good book with lots of interesting facts.
Oddly, if it had been written by someone else then this would have been a fantastic book, if you get my drift. The content was fascinating but Andrew wasn't the most poetic of writers.

as an aside, does anyone know what happened to his firm, Gulf Services I think it was called.

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