Andover bans Armed Forces Day Banners

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wag Tail, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Now being reported by at least five of the nationals - Promotional banners advertising Armed Forces Day celebrations in Andover, Hants have been banned after complaints they were ‘glorifying the war in Afghanistan’. Test Valley Borough Council have removed five adverts situated by roundabouts after just five people complained. The £400 banners were erected by the Royal British Legion, but following a branch meeting in the county, they were told to take them down.

    Not exactly a garrison town but close enough to rely on a lot of service money passing through it's shops, pubs and services. You'd like to think they'd be a bit more supportive! Once again no consideration for the silent majority who would no doubt be offended at the fact they've been taken down, and typical of the spineless left wing pink and fluffy muppets who attempt to run (or should that be ruin) our lives !

    Armed Forces Day Banners Banned! – barbarossa - My Telegraph

    Incidently if you would like to pass on your thoughts to Test Valley council please feel free to follow this link to their complaint site

    Comment and Complaints Form
  2. Stand fast for the Outrage Bus®

    Removal of Signs Advertising Armed Forces Day.

    Further to recent reports in the media, the Council confirms that officers removed eight signs advertising Armed Forces Day.

    However, the reason for removing these signs had nothing whatsoever to do with their content or with any complaints relating them to Afghanistan - because the Council did not receive any such complaints. The signs were removed because they were attached to railings and street furniture around Andover and were being displayed unlawfully.

    The Council is a supporter of Armed Forces Day and has worked with the organisers to assist in its success. We are currently seeking to work with them to identify alternative locations for the signs.

    At any one time, there are a large number of organisations who wish to erect temporary signs around the Borough. The Council has to ensure that the relevant regulations are applied consistently and fairly. In this instance, no consent had been sought to display the signs in question.

    Armed Forces Day
  3. I hoped and prayed that this was a wind up - it isn't - Armed Forces Day: British Legion banners banned for 'glorifying war' - Telegraph

    What the **** is going on...?????
  4. Given the above, accusations withdrawn I can kind of understand that.

    New target.......................Bloody nationals always getting it wrong..(lol)
  5. I always hated 'andover. All those hours of scrubbing everything clean for some little 'itler of a BIA to come in and nitpick.
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  6. At the end of the day, if you want to display a banner either as a business or a charity - there are rules and rules for a reason - otherwise we'd all stick whatever we liked anywhere. The RBL is not exempt - good cause or not. total wind-up this article - if it was for a fete raising money for cancer research it would have been same article, just a different headline and a different person saying they were being victimised. If you want a banner, stick it on the side of the outrage bus.
  7. Now there's a thought, ARRSE could make some dosh renting out the sides of the outrage bus.
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  8. As long as they pay me some commsion on each outing. How about it Bad CO??
  9. We already do:

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  10. FFS this thread is dying on it's arrse. Can no one find a Muslim Councillor from Andover we can use to get this whole outrage thing stoked up again. Ex_Colonic come on mate what about the handwringers and the apologists?
  11. Disappointing. I thought this was about Marlborough Lines.
  12. If you ignore that **** who spoilt it all in post two we could get on with being outraged like this bloke

    From our old favourite
    Banners advertising Armed Forces Day removed after complaints they ¿glorify the war in Afghanistan¿ | Mail Online
  13. Who bans the banners?

    Is that like who buries the undertakers?
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  14. Andover was, in 1970, a lavatorial sort of tiny insignificant town. Clearly it has now advanced to become an excremental sort of tiny insignificant town.
  15. Thought Marlborough Lines were in Aldershot, could be wrong, it wouldnt be the first time.