Anders Breivik - Found sane and jailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Britvic is normal and he gets the max sentence...
  2. If he isn't bonkers that surely means he had a valid point?

    He's either stark raving mad (which is my belief and my politics aren't exactly liberal) or the Court is acknowledging that he has a legitimate political opinion.
  3. Just because you're sane, it doesn't prevent you being an idiot.
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  4. This is probably the best outcome. The politicos were pushing to have him found insane but I don't buy it. He had a rational but illegitimate objective and went about achieving it in a highly rational but illegitimate manner. Evil, probably - mad, prpbobly not. I don't see how it is any different from an act of political violence like 7/7.
  5. How can you possibly think that? All it means is that when he was shooting children he knew what he was doing.

    It does not mean anything else and says absolutely nothing about his motives for doing so.
  6. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Perfectly sane and does his 21 years without any interference or oversight. Round about release time there will no doubt be another battery of tests where he's found to be too unstable to be released, for his own safety. A reasonably compassionate method of ensuring he never sees the light of day again.
  7. Britvic is normal? So is Fanta, but Coke is gopping.
    However as far as that Norgie nutter is concerned it is largely irrelevant whether he is insane or more or less sane. He still ends up in the same nick. His chosen future residence has a psycho wing for the fruit cakes and normal accomodation for the rest. So he will still be surrounded by very high walls and a mile or two of barbed/razor wire.
  8. Am I the only one that thinks the sentence in incredibly lenient? I read somewhere that its 21 years and he has to serve a minimum of 10 years.

  9. But that means shooting children isn't insane....

    He knew what he was doing but he believes it was justified, thats the insane bit.

    We can't have it both ways, either shooting children as a means of persuing political belief is legitimate or the bloke is a lunatic. Killing children by the score is not the action of a normal sane person.

    You cannot do what Breivic did without being a lunatic.
  10. Most people would term his behaviour immoral rather than insane.
  11. I've made this argument before, this man has clear political motives and clearly is a terrorist.

    Was Gerry Adams insane as a PIRA army council member? Was Yasser Arafat insane at the head of the PLO? Was Menachem Begin insane in his Irgun days? All these men murdered far more innocent people than Breivik. Like them the Norwegian thought he was acting patriotically and displays no regret. He may have been a deluded man living in a dream world but so were all of the above, only Begin saw them realized.

    All that's different is he acted alone but he was part of a large community of opinion that sees the Sharia-Progressive nexus as a dire existential threat to civilization and talks in terms of genocide. A body of hatred so large in fact it can barely be called a fringe, it's as mainstream as antisemitism in the 20s and rather similar.
  12. I can't be most people then. The lack of empathy needed to slot a shed load of bods who you have previous connection to has to be psychopathic if anything is. I appreciate, and agree, that indeterminate sentences can't be given in a civilised society - hopefully he got life with no prospect of parole before 21years, don't know if that's how the Norgie system works.
  13. 21 years is the maximum sentence under Norwegian law, which does not have a death penalty. They can however, hold him until he is no longer perceived to be a threat, which may be indefinitely.

    At least that's what some Norwegian told me.

  14. Interesting internet fed phenomenon that you describe. Loner, definitely wearing the cloak of terrorism, but to follow through so ruthlessly he must really have been getting his rocks off. So although sane, he has a lot of anger and reduced level of self restraint. I've noticed this sort of behaviour at a much reduced intensity in many adults and children who spend hours at a computer terminal playing games. Wonder if there is a connection.