And you thought your life was bad....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mincer, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Ouchy!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I wouldn't have the balls for that sort of operation.
  3. for sale spare wheelbarrow, surplus to requirements, buyer collects, 2 nutsac avenue port o prince.
  4. Now thats what I call having Kahunas.

    "depressed at times, with crying spells" I don't blame him!!
  5. Made oi larf!
  6. Where do you people find these things ?
    p.s That is a rhetorical question, i don't really want to know !
    By the way.......Fucking Ouch.
  7. why would anyone wait till it got that bad, to sort it?
  8. Got to hand it to him, the kid's got balls.
  9. When dealing with a scrotum that size, it's important to choose a doctor that knows all the wrinkles.
  10. His penis was totally embedded in the scrotum..poor little bastard must have been pissing into himself, Jesus.
  11. Think about where he lives. He won't have been able to afford medical care for it and it's probably only been treated now because it is unusual enough for the doctors concerned to get a paper published on the case.
  12. He should have had a w4nk.
  13. i'd have done it myself, if it was that bad.
    mind you, i'd have to be completely smashed before i'd attempt it.
  14. It's amazing how brown I got in one week on Gran Canaria, now i've emptied myself I feel much better.