And you thought your bank was just being nasty to you......

No, far more sinister forces are at work

Barclays could drop eagle logo because of 'Nazi connotations'

The eagle logo used by Barclays is under threat today amid fears that its Nazi connotations could offend customers of its Dutch takeover target.

The banking giant has informally agreed to ground the eagle after nearly 300 years if its £45 billion offer for ABN Amro succeeds, the Times newspaper said.

The company, which declined to comment on the report, is understood to have made the move because of the use of the eagle by Germany's Nazi regime, which occupied the Netherlands during the Second World War.'Nazi+connotations'/
source close to the bank said in the Times: "It is rather a Teutonic-looking eagle and has unfortunate connotations."

Barclays' logo bears a similarity to the Nazi version of Germany's eagle emblem and ABN AMRO is concerned how it would be received in the Netherlands, which was occupied during World War Two.

Barclays' link to the eagle dates back to 1728 when two of its founders moved to new premises in London, where there was the sign of the Black Spread Eagle. The sign has evolved over years and was softened by brand consultants in a 1999 makeover.

The German eagle is an old national symbol used by kings and emperors of the region and was part of the Imperial arms adopted when Germany was unified in 1871. During the Nazi era the national swastika symbol was held by an eagle.

Barclays could adopt ABN's shield logo for a combined group, the source said. It would keep its eagle if the ABN bid fails.

Barclays will keep its name but move headquarters to Amsterdam under its proposed 66 billion euro takeover of ABN, which the Dutch bank's board has agreed to.

Royal Bank of Scotland is leading a rival consortium that is seeking to gatecrash the takeover and has made a higher conditional bid for ABN which would break it up between three banks.'Nazi+connotations'/

What PC cobblers. But it all started to go a bit wrong when Hitler fitted a Dutchman up for the burning of the Reichstag, odd bit of invasion, forced labour & genocide etc but of course things turned really nasty when Beckenbauer fouled Cruyff in the 1974 World Cup.
The Dutch, of all peoples, are probably the least likely to associate a British institution with Nazism.

What a stupid, craven act by Barclays. I'd guess this a is more to do with the current corporate trend to ditch any historic connections with UK.
Does that mean that the Lloyds Bank Black Horse will have to be changed to something with less racist connotations ? Maybe a Zebra ? Will that keep everyone happy ?


How many American bases does Holland have??? Have they all been closed? If we are going to get all Obadiah about this then I think the American eagle sours far higher, in fact, nested amongst the stars...
I'm a bit mystified by all this. The Krauts still use the emblem of an eagle. There's one in the Bundestag about forty feet high on the back wall and it was on every DM5 piece. In addition, the Austrians use an eagle, as do various other countries. It all seems a bit over the top to me. Just folks worrying about something to appear as if they're having deep thoughts on the subject.

Cow said:
I wonder how much the person who decided this gets paid? What a load of crap.
I want to know where I can get a job like that- dead fcuking easy. :D
MMMmmmmm............. what are 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards going to do with their cap badge now then eh ?


The_Dragoon said:
MMMmmmmm............. what are 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards going to do with their cap badge now then eh ?

Ahhh don't worry Otto's European credentials are impecable ;)
I wonder if any Dutch bank or Insitutions has an Eagle as an Emblem ?


semper said:
I wonder if any Dutch bank or Insitutions has an Eagle as an Emblem ?
Now I'm guessing as I don't read Dutch, but this 'royal' picture has seven supplementary shields, which signify the 'De Zeven Provincies', one of which looks peculiarly like an eagle....


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