and you thought you knew someone who was a sexual deviant

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bwtsninja, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Wish i was as smooth as this dude .....LOL

    A sexual God

    gets better as you read down through the investigation
  2. "Your breasts are dancing. I love it" Hee hee! 8O :p
  3. that is qwality and i will steal it and pass it off as my own work
  4. It may just be me but I have a feeling that his actions were sexually motivated. :p
  5. Shame he wasn't a skilled anaesthetist - I can see the report now:

    "Lie still, you may feel a small prick..."
  6. That's your usual line isn't it Jest? :wink:
  7. Dear god I only lie still for a big prick.
  8. your 27 yr old wg cdr boyfriend with the paddles? :roll:
  9. You make it sound like a bad thing :D
  10. Juilius Wahogo? Thats got to be a stage name. Why didn't he go the whole hog and call himself Hugo Lovepole?
    Hugo's 'Love Surgery' complete with glitterball and spinning bed. Examinations undertaken to the 'soundtrack of sex' performed live by the Love Walrus himself Mr Barry White (OK, maybe not live anymore)
  11. Oh dear what have I started now? I use it on Mrs Jester all the time - altho I'm not sure if she's laughing at my absolute winning sense of humour, or the fact that it's very cold in our house.... 8O
  12. Funny. He did say it was liking ploughing a field of potatoes at times....
  13. He took one for the team and will be sorely missed. Sleep easy Hugo, your duty is done....
  14. WTF is the NHS coming to (sic)? Can't a deviant get his rocks off without some fukker reporting him nowadays?
  15. i live near that area, im going to do some digging and find out if any one in this sexual mess is good looking!!
    I bet there all old and muntters not fit for porn!
    but fair play if they say no just try try and try some more!!