And you thought YOU had a bad day at work...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nightrained, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Right, which fucker put the tape on the internet? Your mum won't be happy when she sees it!
  2. fark me..... I did think I'd seen it all, but that really did make me drop my bacon sandwich.

    Wonder if he ever slips the tongue in?

  3. Another African child thread, I'm outraged that mine got holed. Could of been legendary you know, one of the best.

    So who said that the boy could inflate my wifes uterus?
  4. Who the feck thought "I know what will get the cow to lactate..................I'll give it head".
  5. There was another one somewhere showing how the best way to start your chickens laying if they're off is to slip a finger up 'em. IIRC the chicken started flapping violently as the finger entered but then calmed right down as it went in up to the knuckle. Who says you only get an 'oooh' with Typhoo?
  6. okayi hold my hands up and i admit it, that's what we do to the kids who p1ss me off! There good as gold after that :twisted:
  7. :omg: my jaw dropped, that is one messed up task, talk about fanny farts though, god damn!
  8. Howdid you "stumble" across that particular vid...?
  9. That's awful just ... eww. I'm glad I haven't eaten in the last couple of hours!
  10. fucking hell! didnt think anyone could be THAT hungry 8O
  11. what, you orally pleasure them???

    that is just wrong boyo, why not just give em a clip round the ear
  12. The jammy little bastards.......
  13. Oooh i say. Is that legal? :?
  14. Can you still use that milk for a brew? :(

    Does that child ever get a day off? :?