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She looks like any other disgruntled young person. Arms tightly crossed, mouth twisted in contempt, she could be letting off steam about parents, school, or boyfriends.

But when 21-year-old Gao Qianhui sat down in front her webcam last month, she had far more important issues on her mind. Upset that the three-day mourning period for the 80,000 victims of the earthquake in southwest China had disrupted her television viewing schedule, she launched into a five-minute spew of vitriol and then posted the video online.

"I turn on the TV and see injured people, corpses, rotten bodies... I don’t want to watch these things. I have no choice.” Ms Gao sighed: “Come on, how many of you died? Just a few, right? There are so many people in China anyway.”

Within hours, Ms Gao had become the latest victim of a human flesh search engine, where Chinese netizens become cyber-vigilantes and online communities turn into the world’s largest lynch mobs.

Using the vast human power behind the Chinese web, every detail of Ms Gao’s life, from her home and work address in Liaoning province, north east China, to the fact that her parents were divorced, was dug up and published on hundreds of forums and chatrooms.

“Now humiliate her,” ordered one internet user, Yang Zhiyan.

The outraged reaction to the video drew the attention of the local police and they detained Ms Gao the next day. They did not make clear what law she was alleged to have broken.

Ms Gao was the fifth person to be targeted by a human flesh search engine since the 8.0-magnitude earthquake ripped through Sichuan province on May 12.

Outstanding.Ms Gao should be invited to post in the NAAFI.


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And we could do with one of those search engines, so the outrage bandwagons know where to go!
Looks like the poor girl has been harsly treated. Imagine if the death of a few thousand people and a few million being left homeless and bereft of beverages and comestibles stopped our chavs seeing Eastenders or our military watching Warship. Gordon Brown would have had to intervene.
Darwinism is still alive and well, I see. Nice to know, gives me hope for the future.

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