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Overwhelmed by the support -

I am really knocked out by the support on this site. There have been toimes when I have felt really alone. I lost everything before returned from Spain, having suffered in 2007 due to the reccession, and I thought my life could not get worse. I was overjoyed when I moved into my flat in Grays, a new block, assisted by what I thought was the local British Legion Chairman. I soon fell foul of him when Sue, my current partner who lived next door, asked me to help with a problem with the maintenance bill which seemed very high for an in house 8 flat consortium. They were charging £1000 per year for almost no maintenance (it was a new block). I reveiwed the so called accounts but there was no sign of the dispersal of funds or any allocation of where the money went. It was run by the chairman of the local British Legion, Keith. It was a rule of the lease that all owners should be a director of the management company. When we asked questions Sue was fired from being a director or the company and still had no answers. Then the harrassment started. I had CUN? scratched on my car. Keith made it very difficult for me to live their and seemed to be upset by my association with Sue. After the local British Legion caught fire under suspicious circumstances,
they started holding bingo sessions in Keith's ground floor flat and he thought he owned the place. I bought Sue a car as she had none, trying to keep the two children going as a single parent on her police pension (she had a lump sum when she was retired) her partner having left her after breaking her collarbone had never done a day's work since she was with him. She was vulnerable and so were the children.

Sophie and Ben were bright, intelligent children with an amazing sense of humour enhanced by their mother's experiences as an LIO with the Met in Romford. We kind of 'gelled' despite the 20 year difference in age (she is 42)

We notified the DTI about her dismissal from the limited company and why we thought it to be the reason. The DTI contacted Kieth and we were then subject to even more threats and harrasment from his family who lived nearby.

After the local British Legion was rebuilt, about a year or so, they had a re opening but it never really took off. It was never busy anyway and was very clicky. After a while it was closed down by the Head Office in Chelmsford after 'irregularities' in the membership and stock control. We also understand weights and measures were involved.

Some time after, Kieth died from a stroke, having choked on his own vomit after a drinking session. He had just lost his chairmanship of the local branch.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

If only we knew that this was to be only the start.

Last January, after over a year and a half of harrasment from those people and Sue's mother, we correct a statement Jean, (Sue's mother) had sent to the court and as I reported earlier, we were arrested and taken to Grays Police Station where we were kept in seperate cells for 15 hours while we waited for the Met police to come and interview us, eventually releasing us with a caution for harrasment.

I joined this site I think as far back as 2006, whilst still in Spain, going through some terrible times then. Since then, my life has changed and I have met a very brave and tenacious woman, suffering from a terrible illness (LUPUS SLE), and throughout all the members on this forum have listened to my whinging and whining about my lot and have helped me with my mind.

Thanks to you all for being part of my life. I hope to have a happy ending to report to you soon.

God bless all of you. Sua Tela Tonanti and RAOC Patra Nostra.

Larry K
Chin up fella.

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