And you think UK Politicians are crooks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rickshaw-major, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Oh dear :(

    "Vjekoslav Vukovic, head of the Sector for Fight against Organized Crime, Terrorism and Drug Abuse and assistant security minister, has been arrested in Rijeka on suspicion of involvement in the crime of arms trafficking. This is what [B-H] Minister of Security Tarik Sadovic has confirmed in a statement for B-H TV One and added that Vukovic has been remanded in custody.

    Sadovic says that Vjekoslav Vukovic was at his work place yesterday and that, after office hours yesterday, he set off towards Rijeka in an official vehicle, without contacting his superiors.

    Vukovic has dual B-H-Croatian citizenship.

    Croatian media said that Vukovic is allegedly suspected of having taken part in a contract killing in Rijeka which the Croatian police prevented a few months ago. He is suspected of selling an automatic rifle and a pistol to Ivan Filipovic and Robert Dragin, main organizers of the killing who are currently held in prison in Rijeka. The Rijeka police had been waiting for over three months for Vukovic to come again to Croatia"

    Welcome to Balkania :evil:
  2. After ten years of (former) residence in Balkania I can safely say that the good man should be put up for a sainthood based on his well-better-than-average behaviour!!!!
  3. ...anyway, rank amateur.

    Milorad Dodik, President of the Republika Srpska is under investigation for embezzling €75 million, and this is thought to be just the tip of the iceberg!!!!!
  4. Yes but let’s not fall into the trap that ours aren’t too bad then

    Still a bunch of f*cking crooks, the lot of them :twisted:
  5. Oh no no no no no! Dodik and his oppos are under investigation for 115 Million Konvertibila Maraka ) 75 Million Euros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GREAT Btitain my arrse. Well apart from Shipman - that's real mass murder so Texan Chain Saw massarcre my arrse :D

    Edited to add DOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! having seen the above post. But - where did the info come from?
  6. Konekkshuns, innit?????? DOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    Or du u think da ja sam samo Å¡upak?????

    errm, 150 Mil Km is €75 mil still innit??
  7. In answer to your thread title question yes I do. A different type of crime and dishonesty to what we are used to but no more damaging and deflating than MPs who can 'lawfully' claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in expenses then stand back to back in support of each other while manipulating the FOIA to suit themselves.

    Getting up early in the morning and going to work with one half of the UK still sleeping off their booze and crack hangovers while on cosy benefits and knowing what our MPs get up to can often be very difficult. When stepping out onto a cold pavement I wonder who I'm really doing it for.

    So those in the Balkans just crack on, we've got our own league of crooks to worry about.
  8. Vjekoslav Vukovic

    Come again?
  9. Sh1t - last time I post when -ermmmm -- tired :D

    He isn't as bad as we thought - 115M BAM is only 57.5 Million Euros. 8)

    Vjekoslav Vukovic is currently having a slight misunderstanding with the Croat Authorities on the small matter of murder, gun running and organised crime. He is currently undergoing Croatian Hospitality in a very nice room :twisted: whilst the invetigation continues.

    He is the Security Minister for the Bosnian Serb Republic :D
  11. Hello mate! You will gather from my posts that I consider this a somehwat tongue in cheek rhetorical question :twisted:

  12. ...never mind, R-M, probably better to go back to being ermmmm -- tired

    malty, peaty and at least 12, mmmmm. Heaven, I'm in heaven
  13. Interesting you should say that - the Doris and I are currently sampling the delights of Glenlivet 15 year old :D
  14. Jackie Selebi

    Known consort of drug lords, money launderers, mafiosi, gangsters and other low lifes.

    aka SA police commissioner and head of Interpol.