...and you moaned about horsemeat.



If I were Mc D`s lawyers I would counter sue. Firstly the cow has a stupid name "Anishi" FFS. Secondly it`s stupid enough to feed it`s whelps in a Mc D. Thirdly it was not watching what its young were picking up and shoving in their maws.
What kind of sick children eat used condoms? It's they who should be hauled in front of a court.

Sounds like opportunistic bullshit to me. Invent a story in order to sue McDonald's. Choose something horrifying to ensure it makes the papers.
"The mother alleges the two-year-old coughed up a piece of the condom, and that both children subsequently required medical treatment."

Medical treatment? What for, spunk ingestion!
Now that you mention it, I wonder if this is just an elaborate child abuse cover-up.

"Well doc, what happened was..."
So the sprog wasn't actually eating a burger. The mother should be sued for being stupid.
Opportunistic money grabbing cow.
Lucky her that her child ate something in a restaurant that has a huge fortune worth plundering rather than a greasey spoon up the road (which probably serves better food than MacD ).

She alleges....... did she make a fuss at the time. Is there CCTV footage (so we can have a giggle) ?

If true, at what point do MacD become negligent at not clearing the restaurant of rubbish ? 10 mins, 5, 20 ???

Who would she sue if the child had eaten it of the street outside ?

No need to answer, I couldn't give a fcuk ! :)
d_b is right. Why is it always McDonald's? They must be the most unlucky 'food' serving establishment. I for one, refuse to believe that the human waste that make regular claims against them, do so knowing that they are big and rich and like to avoid bad publicity. They must all be built on Indian burial grounds or something.

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