And you all thought Buster Gonad was a comic book character

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hellsbrink, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. I watched the C4 program with legs firmly together and toes curled.
    His bollocks were normal sized, his scrote on the other hand... hands.... many hands.
    All goes to show - the guy was a sad sack.
  2. Would'nt you have popped into the doctor's when it got to the size of a fucking bag of sugar.
  3. He can always tan the extra skin removed and use it as a hammock.
    Swing low sweet chariot!
  4. IIRC he didn't have the cash to pay for the surgery and he couldn't find a charity hospital with a surgeon willing to try a scrotectomy.

    The Americans are proper capitalists. Being skint can carry a death sentence.
  5. But one report said he was offered the op a year or two ago and refused because he enjoyed the fame of being the man with the biggest scrotum in the world and had refused a free op that would have been organised by the infamous "Dr. Oz" as he would have had to sign an exclusive deal that meant he would only have been able to do interviews with "Dr. Oz". And that's before we start on him being on disability so Medicaid would have been paying (which is, I believe, what happened with part of the costs of the de-bagging op. Las Vegas man with giant scrotum embraces celebrity | Las Vegas Review-Journal )..... Go figure
  6. ^. I would've thought that this would be an ideal case for Dr. Mengele.

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  7. Wouldn't he have done something to make the scrotum grow, just to see how big they could get before they exploded?