And yes, I'm proud of being TA. Very proud

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Totally agree with this comment from Stabtastic.

    Why the subject got locked I don't know, it didn't contain any heavy infighting (the Londons chucking teddy out of cot was a lot worse)

    msr, please explain why u locked the thread?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    TA v Reg

    This will never reach agreement ;)

  3. It's also been done to death.
  4. ok, agree with that, but none of the posts had gone over board.

    If its been done to death, does that mean:

    London Regt

    will also get banned in the future?

    If u don't agree I apoligise for being a liberal and a SNCO :twisted:
  5. Polar, (Is that sandbag comfortable?)

    You may have noticed the wording on the front of this forum. It didn't just arrive there magically , or indeed by accident. It arrived, after the TA element on this forum, fought a desperate rearguard action, to have their own forum. This , in the face of bags of Regular aggression.

    I don't know why some of our regular bretheren were upset by our prescence , maybe it's because they feared we'd infect them, with our funny little ways, and they'd be PVR'ing en masse or something.

    Anyhooo, one of the features of those days , were regular Stabs v Arabs bunfights. MSR's predecessor , the H de T (MIA) used to get heartily sick of moderating catfights, and so, the script appeared on the front door.

    Stabs v Arabs bunfights are boring and repetitive. Some do it , because it's fun , and some TA actually believe they are as good and well trained as soldiers that do it 24/7/365 , FFS.

    It's one Army. We can but do our best , but it doesn't mean you have to be a doormat. Yes the TA are keen and enthusiastic, after all, we don't have 3 years to count down. I'm still amazed even after all this time, by the wonder shown by Regs at what we do .'You work Monday to Friday , then you do this?'

    We do, we enjoy it.

    Next time you get baited , take comfort from this.

    If it hadn't have been for (V) components of the likes of QVR, Suffolks, RWarks , F&F , KOSB etc holding the line in France in 40, while some Regular units were throwing their rifles away and legging it for the beach, and who continued to fight in France some time after Dunkirk

    Ich würde dies auf Deutsch schreiben
  6. Knowing your lot with their gay little head addornments, I'd be far more worried about several other types of infections :D

    I'm all for STABS, someone got to bash those dixies :wink:
  7. I think it's funny what the regs say sometimes...

    What wrong? because I can still soldier just as good and I'm only part time? :lol:

    Time for some of the regular's to start realising that todays TA is better trained and getting deployed on a lot more operations and can do the job just as good as our regular fiends...

    Also, I was thinking the other day, how do you expect a section, or a company ect to work in the likes of Iraq because some pleb has a problem with TA soldiers?

    Also, most of the TA are ex reg anyway and possibly know ALOT more than regular soldiers...

    I was away with the Cheshires last year and we had this little 18 year old sprog mouthin off sayin "why are TA here" "what do they know" until one of our NCO's who was ex PARA gripped him, told him his service history and said "thats how much"

    I wish I had a camera.. :lol:
  8. PTP,

    I wasn't getting baited, I was concerned that the thread had been locked but the thread in question hadn't gone out of hand.

    Its not a topic I tend to get involved in (even tho I did this time).

    I don't see how locking the topic/thread solves the problem, the subject is always going raised periodicly and die out after a couple of days.

    (a more sober) polar
  9. Thats all folks!
  10. TA............

    Nice hobby........ :wink:
  11. You got it in one " nice hobby " pays the rent and where else can you play with big toys for free , ( M3 rigs ) , and Its not a drinking club !!! They keep on telling me javascript:emoticon(':D')
  12. Its not just a hobby for everyone, some are thoroughly dedicated to part time soldiering and would, apart from circumstances in their private lives, join the regs. I would like to think these people have made a more intelligent decision than those who join the regs, realise after a few months/years they have made an almighty mistake and then go sick on leave with "stress" rather than sign off and wait 12 months.

    Being an ex reg, now TA on extended FTRS I have seen all sides of the coin. In my experience the regs have more job currency than their TA counterparts who can and do catch up rapidly when deployed on Ops or take up FTRS (HC). The regs tend to be blase/bored etc because they have done it all loads of times; the TA are full of enthusiasm and want to learn.

    IMO, the best mix is a deployment of TA attached to a reg unit who manage the enthusiasm of the TA correctly and treat them as part of the team.
  13. When I finish regular service, I am off to join the TA, its money for old rope and any reg can outshine a STAB, got a few mates who have enlisted into the TA and they all laugh at the ********* they have to deal with in the TA, Best summed up by a friend, who likened the average STAB, as someone who helps the NHS by not attending care in the community day centres.

  14. I am in the TA because my career has dictated that I can move up the ranks in my profession quicker in civvie street than in the military.

    I am in the TA as I think the maturity level is a lot higher.

    I take my "Part Time warrior" role seriously, and try to progress as best I can.

    If I get called up I will not argue (my company will, but I signed the dotted line).

    If I did not have such a good career, and some awesome opportunities before me, then I would have taken the queens shilling on a full time basis.

    I am sure there are many persons in the TA in the same situation.

    So this is how I look at it:-
    1. People don't turn up to be treated like soldiers unless then enjoy it
    2. If you enjoy something, you put more effort into it
    3. If you put more effort into something you achieve more.

    The TA are not full time soldiers, so they will not be as sharp. But we are keen to learn and do the best we can.

    I am proud to be in the TA, and I think the Regs should look at it like this, if that STAB was not attached to your unit then you would be stagging on longer :)

    How PC of me!