And Why Would Anyone Think OUr Welfare System is Broken?

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. They system is broken and needs fixing very badly.
    Here in Massachusetts welfare is distributed by EBT cards (i.e. debit cards) A recent audit showed that over 1000 people using their debit cards are dead. Cards are being used in tattoo parlours and nail salon not to feed and cloth the children. EBT cards are being used in Las Vegas and the Virgin Islands.

    Despite this the legislature has refused to do simple things like put users photos on the cards or block out of state use. I wish I could get a nice vacation in the Virgin Islands at the taxpayers expense.
  2. Hope those Tennessee scratch cards Pay out well!
  3. I have to chuckle when I hear Americans complaining about welfare. Compare and contrast with the UK:-

    We also have a card system for welfare payments. However, it's only used for what's called "section 4" payments. These are welfare payments that are only available to illegal immigrants. You read that right. You have to be in the UK illegally before you can receive section 4 welfare. One of the main arguments against the use of cards is that, without cash, illegals wont be able to travel to their lawyers' offices.

    Speaking of lawyers, the UK, like the US, will provide you with an attorney if you can't afford one and you are charged with a crime. The difference in the UK is that the state will pay for your lawyer for civil cases too. One individual has had over half a million pounds to resist attempts to deport him back to his own country. I have seen government legal aid payments being used for private medical treatment.

    You can get a free house too. There were a number of cases exposed last year where people were receiving over £100,000 a year in rent payments so they could live in houses worth over £1 million. Form April this year, our new, thrifty government has "limited" rent payments to £400 per week. That's more than the average UK worker earns.

    Best of all is the Motability scheme. Conceived in the 70s, it was intended to enable those confined to wheelchairs to get out of their homes. A motorised tricycle with wheelchair access was provided. Motability has now morphed into the biggest vehicle fleet in Europe and the disabled now include alcoholics, drug addicts and the morbidly obese. You can get a state funded Mercedes of BMW.

    Those are just some of the reasons why the UK welfare bill per capita is triple the US bill.
  4. After reading this I do feel a bit like a whinger.

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  5. Don't forget kids with ad..attention deficit... Kids who need a good ******* slap instead of excuses for their behaviour.

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  6. I can't get on the Merc Motability site but I checked the BMW site and there isn't a single model of BMW you can get without a large down payment (from £1,399 for a 118d SE diesel manual to £2,999 for several models of 1 and 3 Series). You then lose part of your disability benefits to pay the lease on your car.
  7. How dare they? :)
  8. Having kids with a disability is a bit of a cottage industry. A family in my state in the US was in the news. Mum and Dad both were receiving SSDI for mental issues, as each child came along they got the children certified as disabled and added to their income. Problem was they were mixing and matching each of the four ids meds so when they saw the psychiatrist the kids would appear to be really out of it. Parents ended up over medicating the youngest and that child died. The parents were charged with murder but IIRC they got it reduced to manslaughter and served no time. The doctor was a woman who was a bit gullible, believed the parents stories and had written too many scrips for too many drugs. IIRC the doc was required to work under supervision of another doctor and had her ability to prescribe drugs restricted.

    I recall the family was taking in over $6000 per month in SSDI and also was receiving "Section 8" housing subsidy.