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and where the f do i find the source of these words

Yup. I finally found this site. Alleluia (or however you spell it).

I was looking for an MP3 of the Soldier by Harvey Andrews - which I found by the way - excellent job someone.

Now Im looking for a poem.... i know, poetry is for girls, but .... bear with me

the line I remember is
'were the flower very heavy for a grown up girl of 3'

pertaining to a bit of a do we had in the south atlantic in the early 80's

I spent some time repatriating chaps after this 'party' !

not a criticism (or even me being dense(r than usual)).

have googled and asked literature graduates .... ;-)
just dont remember where I read it.... gawd i must be t'ick.

definitely by a Brit, mentioned one of the tabloid newspapers (query Sun),
apart from that I have little recollection apart from was in a very slim book... i read it at leat 10 years ago but i realise not everything in print is available on t'web but ...
i know not a lot of use ! apologies
My Family

Did you see us on the telly, Mum?
When we sailed away-
laughing, waving cheering
like in films of yesterday.

Did you read it in The Sun, Pop?
How we pasted them first time.
You told me all about your war,
what do you think of mine?

Did you get the letters home, dear?
How I missed you and was sad.
Did you give my love to Tracy?
Does she miss her funny Dad?

Did you see us on the hillside?
Could you spot which one was me?
Were the flowers very heavy
for a grown up girl of three?

by Paul Wapshott (Parachute Regiment)

Just stick a cheque in the post squire :wink:

from very poor memory the poem is along the lines of a Brit squaddie sent to the SA, missing his family though believes he is doing the right thing 'did you see me on the news', died in action, and how are the family dealing with the operation.

Strangely I dont remember the prose as being regretful but ... other people may view it differently

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