And we worry about the place of women in front line!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Oct 14, 2005.

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    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A pillow that plays relaxing music has been sent by the Danish army to its soldiers posted in Iraq and Kosovo to help them combat stress and tension.
    "In a first test, we have sent 10 pillows each to Iraq and Kosovo and they are now being used by the troops," Henrik Lundstein, head of the leadership and psychology department at Denmark's Royal Defense College, told Reuters.
    The Nordic country has around 540 soldiers in Iraq and 340 on a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo.
    The pillow has built-in speakers attached to an mp3-player piping soft instrumentals and sounds of nature like trickling water and chirping birds. Called "MusiCure," it was created for use in therapy by composer and oboist Niels Eje with doctors and psychologists.
    Referring to the pillow's success in Danish hospitals, Lundstein said the army hoped it could also help tense soldiers.
    "We are hoping it can bring relaxing moments in a stressful environment for soldiers who are at the limit of their stress levels," he said.
  2. If they ( the troops)are at the limits of their stress tolerance shouldn't they be contemplating BCR's to avoid suicides or homocides?
  3. Like the idea of 'homocides'. Must be the killing of a homo - so much better than homicide.
  4. None of the Danes I saw in Kosovo looked particularly stressed

  5. DOH, I hate it when I get the spelling wrong.. Redcap I have to thank you for spotting the error in my post. But hey a good queer is a dead queer.
  6. cos they had the pillows...!