And we think we have problem!

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by sunnoficarus, May 10, 2012.

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  1. LCS syndrome strikes again: Information Dissemination: More Speed!

    Talking of mines: MH-60S underpowered for MCM towing operations, report finds
  2. The LCS is epically stupid.
    Its as if someone took the networked fres idea as armoured as a chally with a tank gun that can fit on a c130 etc etc
    Then continued to build it regardless of the laws of physics.

    But then again if you think mine sweeping helicopters us a brillant idea crack on.
  3. FFS, it's 'moot'. Bloody Colonials, buggering-up a perfectly simple langauge.

    (Unless he's referring to some develish plan to moderate the noise of those waterjets).
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  4. Gets worse....

    Its peashooter gun? Can't hit shit when going fast, too much vibration.
    I recall that lesson was learned the hard way in WWII that MTB's can't hit shit coz they bounce around too much.
    So the US Navy is buying itself 55 effectively unarmed frigate sized speedboats at $680 million a piece.