...and we invented the cat..

Well, the end of the world is nigh.. we've been invaded by the illigitimate son of Monty Python...

" Britain, Britain, Britain, land of technological achievment...we've had running water for over ten years, a tunnel that connects us to Peru, and we invented the cat. "

what a comedown for Doctor Who...

can't stand that sausage stuffed in latex, Dafydd Thomas, [ looks like someone tried to pour a gallon of maple syrup into a pvc baggie...] but..there's something strangely alluring about Vicky Pollard....

Little Britain... nothing like it since Ric Mayall lived in the flat...and when did Geraldine James fall on such hard times that she had to take a recurring role in this effront ot sensible folk everywhere??

wonder if the US Networks can make a bland, americanized knock-off starring Lindsay Lohan ??
That show rocks.

Almost every character on there reminds me of someone i know 8O

I realy must get out more! :oops:

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