....and we cant even look after our elderly!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by WasMe, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. UK has gone mad..........we see that there are more and more people coming here to live and we do our best to help them with housing and other benefits so that they can have a better life.

    If you leave your home in Overseas Land and come to the UK are you not making yourself homeless?

    This is what we do to our elderly homeless!


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  2. from the article
    Now why are her family not getting involved? How did she 'make herself homeless'? and what help has she refused? If social servies barged into her life (as they often do) and insisted she went into a maximum security home I'm not suprised she has refused their 'help'.
  3. She is living her life as she chooses to do so, so leave her alone, when she need's help she know's that she only has to ask for it, and people will fall over themselve's to make sure that she is okay.

    I for one respect her wishes, her daughter and grandchild, if they exist, should be ashamed of themselve's.

    But of course you are right, everything and everyone has there place in this world, rubish in the bin and old sick people in home's, the main thing is that we are keeping britain tidy.

    Live and let live, dont institutionalise the world.

    blumin bunch of interfearing do gooder's.
  4. You wouldn't believe how some old people live, they are often too proud to ask for help. I don't belive that they would be entitled to a great deal of help if they do ask. It is disgusting that it happens in the UK