And we are back!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Bloody hell I missed you guys!!!!!!LOL lol

    So how did you all cope during the Great Arrse Blackout?

    I had to talk to the wife.
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  2. It was just you, we've been here all day. It's a new moderator tool, who'd you piss off?
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  3. Really ? The bastards.I bet it was that bloody "For a stereo" The git.
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  4. I actually did some work!
  5. Did you get a blow job?
  6. It was a bit annoying. My phone kept bleeping to tell me that there were new replies to posts, yet my laptop said the site was down.

    So, Virgin Media took 13 hours to recognise the new server. Whose was faster?
  7. Oh, the tragedy of it all :)
  8. After 26 years of happy marriage ? What do you think?
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  9. Not much, mind - it is Friday, after all.
  10. About 5 mins this morning I'm with plus net.
  11. I had to talk to your wife as well, fucking horrible till I gave her something else to do with her mouth
  12. Mine were significantly faster, but then, when you run your own name servers ...
  13. What not even a snog with tongues?
    Blimey you must get it wet once a month if your lucky!!
  14. Oh was that you? she was laughing and muttering to her sister something about "It was like a cock,only a lot smaller"
  15. Aye fair point. It was like the Marie Celeste at my place this aft. Ye gods but I was busy*.

    * I might be exagerating a little**

    ** can someone pass me a fire extinguisher, my strides seem to have spontaneously combusted.