And todays PC/Nanny State gone wrong story is.....

"A council has been criticised by the equality commission for having had a "lack of planning and foresight" after it cancelled a school's annual trip.

Highland Council stopped the trip for pupils at Inverness's Crown Primary because of potential legal action over the exclusion of a disabled child.

The criticism of the council is contained in a document from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

However, it added the council and school had not done anything unlawful.

The stay at an outdoor activity centre in the Cairngorms has been held annually for children at the city school.

Highland Council cancelled this year's trip to Craggan last month to avoid legal action after Donna Williamson said her daughter was physically unable to take part in the activities planned."

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Teuchters, don't you just love 'em! Rather than focusing on what the child might be able to do on or gain from such a trip through discussions with the parents, lets put on our tin foil hats and protect the corporate ass from possible litigation!
If you search back there is an ArRSe thread on this when it first broke, also if you look in to it this had NOTHING to do with the teachers.

The now named mum, went radio rental over the fact her daughter (IIRC) would be unable to participate in all of the activities her daughters able bodied peers would be. And decided that she would complain on the grounds of equality. It was in the face of potentially costly legal action, that the school, and council, backed down and cancelled both an outward bound trip and a trip to a museum or something.

The school has had this trip annually with no dramas until now, the mum was particularly irate (IIRC) about her daughter being unable to canoe or take part in archery. ALthough the Cairngorm outdoor centre says on its website taht it caters for disabled kiddies.

More here

and here

The mum says....
The disabled child's parents claimed the events would have breached disability discrimination laws because their daughter would be “excluded”.

The mother, who did not wish to be named, said: "School and society is supposed to be inclusive to any minority group.

"My child has been excluded before and this time we need to take a stand and show that disabled children are not worth less than other children.

"By allowing the school to exclude her, it is sending out a message to children that it is perfectly acceptable to exclude minority groups.

"We all have a responsibility to minority groups. I refuse for one second for my child to think she is worth less than anybody else."
Personnaly, on the basis of the above speach I think the complaining mum needs a slap. I have no doubt in my mind that all this escapade has done is concrete the belief in these children, that disabled people are liabilities.... and likely to stop fun things happening.
that's a way to make your child universally unpopular i suppose.

made things harder for her disabled child if anything.


this is nothing to do with the 'state', it's all about lawyers and legal firms
as far as i am aware going on these kind of outings or trips is a matter of choice for the parents and not compulsory. if you feel it is inapropriate or potentially upsetting for your child then dont send them.

however this isnt the case here. my initial reaction of anger at the mother who complained was misplaced. she had been led to believe her child would be included in the activities only to find in fact she wasnt. She quite rightly complained about it. The schools headteacher passed the buck up the CoC and the councils legal team panicked ordering the trip cancelled.Not the fault of the parent or school just an overly strict interpretation of the law.

The problem is the councils decision to cancel the trip will, in my opinion, only lead to greater discrimination against disabled children. what was the reaction of the children who were supposed to go on it when they learned it wasnt going to happen? i guarantee they blamed the child with the disability. what of the teachers who will now not risk any learning activity that may draw complaints from parents whos children cant/wont take part?

is it really fair on the majority of children if a minority cant/wont join in that activity? Just how far can this be allowed go?
chocolate_frog said:
If you search back there is an ArRSe thread on this when it first broke, also if you look in to it this had NOTHING to do with the teachers.
I don't think I made any mention of 'teachers'. 'Teuchters' yes, but not 'teachers'... :roll:
seems a bit crap.
done canoneing with kids in wheelchairs in open canoes so can be done
even archery disabled child given crossbow.
even seen wheelchair abseiling.
can't do everything but can do some things.
Worst bit was the whineing form able bodied kids taken moutanin biking
two wheelchair bound kids got quad bikes :twisted:

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