...and this years "No shit, Sherlock" Award goes to...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. BBC Linky

    Christ, if they'd bought me a pint and I could have told them that. I'd have slept with them, too. Without kissing.
  2. I wonder how much they spent researching this little gem of totally unexpected!?! information.
  3. Well you cant kiss and drink beer at the same time can you? Although some sort of Beer filled Camelbak may be an idea during romantic liaisons.
  4. Port filled Camelbak enema a definite goer.

    She'll probably never notice until the straw starts sucking on empty....
  5. Better make sure you are on top then - I'm not sure that being dispensed at pressure would improve the taste.
  6. Hmmmm Better avoid the fat birds then.
  7. Never! Resign!
  8. In other news:

    Bears likely to choose wooded areas for defecation.

    Popes more likely to choose Catholocism over any other religion.
  9. Sure this isn't being syndicated from the Onion?
  10. Speak for yourself :twisted: And why shouldn't I - she reads her fcuking magazines :D
  11. Does the SM headgear they had to wear matter and where can I get some? :twisted:

    Another educat?ional grant in good use - rather than curing illness etc. :x