And this years Darwin award goes to .....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EdMilliband4Change, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Bit fuckin harsh eh? It's a kid you stroker.
  2. Not read the qualification for a Darwin award either..... prick.
    From Darwin awards:
    Capable of sound judgment.
    The nominee must be at least past the legal driving age and free of mental defect (Northcutt considers injury or death caused by mental defect to be tragic, rather than amusing, and routinely disqualifies such entries). After much discussion, there also exists a small category regarding deaths below this age limit. Entry into this category requires that the peers of the candidate be of the opinion that the actions of the person in question were above and beyond the limits of reason in their opinions.
  3. I liked the last paragraph explaining how it took a university study to tell them that child drownings could be cut by better supervision. That should be one for the 'no fucking shit, genius' award.
  4. Dick of the day, contender A.....step forward EM4C

  5. Seconded. EM4C feel free to find a bowl of water and recreate the incident, knobber
  6. With any luck this year's Darwin Award will go to EdMilliband4Change who will hopefully accidentally brutally stab himself in the stomach while shaving*.

    * With apologies to Elton and Curtis.
  7. ..... Excuse me Waiter, theres a toddler in my soup !
  8. about as funny as gangrape
  9. Why? How is that remotely amusing? What were you thinking exactly? That as we're mostly serving / ex-squaddies we'd laugh at that? No. To loose a child is a terrible thing. To trivialise this is phucked up. FAIL!!
  10. I suppose that depends on what end of the penis you are.
  11. rape is no laughing matter- you know unless your raping a clown
  12. I think this poster has had another username in the past and he wasn't funny then.