And this is the kind of government that wants us to rely on it?

And if you want to see somewhere more badly governed check out Massachusetts.
Shooting, heists were already on con’s rap sheet -

A cop a couple of months from retirement is murdered by a guy with a long long record recently paroled from 3 (three!!) life sentences. The only bright side is Officer Maguire was able to get off a couple of rounds and killed one of the robbers, the shooter. And in Massachusetts we have no death penalty/

And just to show you how badly our government works, look at this column and article:
Activists stunned by ouster of veterans’ services boss -
Vet hero struck down by political fire -

Tom Kelley served the veterans of Massachusetts as faithfully as he served his country in his 30 years as a naval officer. He is a decent fine gentleman and he is shoved aside for a hack who did a lot of fundraising for the governor. Also, our British "Cousins" will be delighted to learn that his replacement, Mr Nee, is related to Patrick Nee, Boston gangster and IRA gunrunner (google "Valhalla"). He is scum and Governor Patrick, dear friend of The Chosen One, boots out a disabled veteran with the Medal of Honor. It could make you sick.
If you've got all that evidence why did he say he is innocent?

There should be an extra penalty for wasting peoples time... maybe death by electric chair, starting with 1V, then 2, then 3...
At +$25K per year.

Sentence of execution should require any appeal to be filed w/in ten days, and heard, if heard w/in 6 months. Execution w/in one year of sentence if apeal fails.
Get some entertainment out of it. Everyday ALL death row inmates line up and sit on the chair.... the unlucky one gets fried.

Or a sort of quiz show, where the losers fry. Or get Aztec on their arrse. A two a-side b-ball tournament. First goal wins, losers get lethal injection.

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