And theyre Off - SNP Begins Push for Independence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. . . . . but will they fall at the first.

    Not only have all other parties (minus the Greens) spoken out against the move but it would seem that most scottish people also favour continued union.

  2. Can't we just cast them adrift at Hadrians Wall if they want indepenance?
  3. He will fall and fall heavily.

    I have never wanted it, and when you see the idiots who want the power you can see why the majority won't want it either. Lies and misrepresentation by the SNP has seen the thought of looking reasonably favourable. A look at the truth of seperation soon puts it into perspective.
  4. We are the only thing keeping Engerlund above sea level - do that and you better get down B&Q quick Noah!
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh my gosh! What a surprise! I never thought that Labliar pushing the 'regional' button would lead to this, honestly. Whatever next?

    My only sincere hope is that the public DO make their voice heard and stop this in it's tracks. The 'regions' need to remain as one IMHO.

    I note that Salmon is hedging his bets by mooting this as an opening for 'discussion'. If people go hard against it, he can claim to be truly representative of the people and save face.
  6. Anyone with any common sense will realise that this will fall at the first! Scotland are tied to the UK financially, and if they ever split they would still be tied financially. Scotland has no real method of supporting itself financially, and before anyone shouts "what aboot the oil we have" its only piped into the UK via Scotland, it could come in anywhere considering its BRITISH petroleum which harvests it. Even now, the English taxpayer supports the Scottish taxpayer to the tune of £1000 each year, just to keep them afloat. The last opinion pole I read a few months ago stated there are more English people which would vote for a split than Scottish! thats saying something!

    Standby for incoming.....
  7. This is one of those news stories that raises it's head on an all too regular basis, as stated most Scots do not want independence (note the spelling Sparky) I am one of those, I have no problems with the English, some of my best mates come from England, try explaining that in any pub in Scotland, they look at you like there is something wrong with you.

    The bottom line is there are too many other significant problems within the UK today, without worrying about building hadrians wall again (remember it couldn't contain us the first time). Real news is........

    Out of control immigration, kids being stabbed daily, terrorists trying to spoil our freedoms, people being shot dead on motorways......etc etc,

    Salmond is an arsse and should not be taken too seriously, we are a union and long may it continue, because we must look after our own if this country is to be Great again.
  10. Methil

    Scotland is the top half of the UK. The letters stand for United Kingdom. The two prior kingdoms were Scotland and England. The UK would cease to exist if the two original kingdoms split apart.

    But you knew that.
  12. Course I did Scout, pity Hammy wasn't better informed before trying to ruffle all the Scots up.
  13. If one politician says "most people" and then another politician says "most people" to describe their alleged constituency, which one is lying?

    The answer is both. Which is why referenda are not popular with "democratic" politicians. Who prefer something they call a mandate.

    Listening to Alex Salmond, he seemed quite measured. Granted he nailed his colours early doors to the mast, making it clear that devolution is a process not an event (RIP Donald Dewar!). He also made it clear that next stages will be about reasserting Scottish governmental rights, on things like broadcasting. He finished up by saying that any major constitutional change would require a referendum - by which he meant independence obviously. No surprises really, the man is after all not merely First Minister of an English puppet state but also leader of the SNP!

    I find myself warming to Alex. Curiously as FM he exhibits a good impression of gravitas and statesmanship whereas as a minority Westminster MP he seemed a bit of a whoops-lobster-tea-kettle-barbecue!
  14. Sven, you should have read the article - thanks for pointing it out to me by the way or I might have missed it - instead of assuming that it said nothing much (in 100 days just mind! 100 days more than the Lib Dems have ever had in power!)