And They Wonder Why So Many of Us Do Not Trust Him or any Other Craven Politician

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 24, 2012.

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  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    probably why romney is bombing in the polls even from his own party as well.

    I doubt there is much the anti obama brigade can put up which will compare with the continuous gaff machine. I am beginning to think that the republicans are just putting a candidate up for the heck of it (going by the early candidates) in the same way we reckon the labour party was determined to lose the election to the tories so they didn't have to try and sort their mess out. if obama failed it was because congress and senate blocked him because of politics which shows their lack of patriotism. I remember a quote from an office which stated that 'its better to do anything, even the wrong thing than do nothing'. so the bush era make the rich richer policies have been left up while they filibuster and block anything which might improve matters for the average american.

    romney is blaming obama for bush policies which is hilarious
  3. Bought and paid for the lot of 'em. Capitol Hill and Westminster.....stuffed to the gills with lackeys and liars.
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  4. While that may be true for some policies there are myriad other policies and acts of omission and commission by Him that warrant criticism in their own right. As He Himself said some time ago, the US economy (meaning its health) is now His.
  5. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Obama was too lightweight for the job. The country was on it knees and saw this erudite, charismatic bloke as a saviour. Same with Clinton - only difference was, Clinton had some serious smarts to deal with issues.

    Obama's lack of know how cost him his power early on and he has been struggling to shine.

    Bad conditions + weak leadership = ideal opportunity for extremists. Cue the Tea Party (UKIP, BNP in the UK).

    Romney is a great private equity investor. He's not a brilliant politician and don't forget, it's the politics that will triumph, not the policies.
  6. Deliberately lied or couldn't remember saying it?
  7. Tea Party is not the equivalent of the BNP, they are not neo-fascists, and they have no racial ideology.
  8. In the first clip Obama says he can't "suggest because some one doesn't agree with me" that they are unpatriotic. He is therefore upholding people's right to freedom of opinion and acknowledging that people have diverse ideas about what is best for the country.

    In the second clip he says that Bush was fiscally irresponsible and took actions which were not in the best interests of the country, thus making him unpatriotic. It is like going to a Neo-Nazi or Black Supremacist or whatever and saying "I respect your right to hold your opinion, but burning that flag/bombing that building was really uncool and unpatriotic.

    Slight difference, and certainly not the worst thing any US politican has said in recent times.
  9. I'll wager you turned into a veritable pretzel to thread that needle of a rationalization. (pardon the mixed metaphor)
  10. "Alex, I'll take 'Mixed Metaphors' for $1000, please!" :)
  11. Who knows? I can only say that HIs statement of the ever evil GWB being unpatriotic has been the subject of much consternation and discussion ever since He said it so I very much doubt He forgot saying it.
  12. Very odd that a country which is capable of producing many of the best minds in most fields can't show much in the way of credible national leaders. The last few decades' worth have been pretty grim. Not that the UK, apart from HM the Q, can really show the way.
  13. Not necessarily, I just heard that you shouldn't call people unpatriotic for what they think will help, call them it for what they do that doesn't. But I am just a limp-wristed, bed wetting liberal, so I really just worship every word and drop of saliva from that man's mouth :mrgreen:
  14. My dear fellow, I have never called anyone such things and do not think that of you or anyone else no matter how much I may disagree with them over politics.
  15. Bit off the mark there mate...UKIP is not an extremist party in the BNP is much closer to the Ron Paul school of common sense. Google Daniel Hannan's speech to CPAC...he is one of the UKIP's leading lights.