And they say the French have no sense of humour !!

She's obviously gagging for it, it's the most coherent come-on I've ever seen in my life!


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I'd suggest you sail into her harbour with your battleship and sink her fleet, if you know what I mean!!
Here's a couple of really crap French-themed jokes to send back to her - they made the french Doris in my office laugh...

What's the matter with the French navy's trousers?

Toulouse and Toulon

What is the motto of the French navy?

A l'eau, c'est l'heure. (Say it out loud....)

Granted they aren't that funny - but then the Frogs have a very odd sense of humour...


I thought it was the germans that didnt have a sense of humour.
The french obviously just dont have a grasp of english or grammar....

Yes she is gagging for you...........

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