And they are remembered.

Col G Cardozo. OBE.

Who made it his duty to the fallen, that they have a place to rest.

Nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize alongside Julio Aro Argentine Falklands War veteran who joined efforts with Cardozo in the DNA identification of remains in the Cemetery that Cardozo helped to organise for the Argentinian fallen.

Col Cardozo had been officially charged with the task of locating and burying the remains of Argentine soldiers dispersed in the island, and the creation of a cemetery in land donated by Brooke Hardcastle, a Falklands farmer.

Cardozo found between 230 and 246 bodies. Those that could be positively identified were provided a grave stone with personal details. For the 122 that could not be identified were buried with personal items.

Wrapped in three layers of sheets, plastic and PVC bags, including a note describing where the soldier had been found.They were placed in a wooden coffin. Burial works concluded on 19 February 1983.

They fell in service to their country. They have not been forgotten, respectfully placed where loved ones can visit and remember them.
2 Troop 51 FD Sqn RE helped construct the cemetery and formed the bulk of those who attended the dedication ceremony. Both aspects were quite a sombre and moving experience.

Most I suspect were just young men like us, serving their country, doing their duty and certainly not expecting to end their lives there.

I've been back a few times since 1983, and I think I've posted elsewhere on here, it's even more poignant now as Argentinian relatives have been allowed to visit over the years and have left rosary beads, photographs etc.


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