......and then it all kicked off.....

I remember about 1980ish escorting a lad from BFG to Pentonville where he had got 2 years and the order of the boot for glassing a Kraut. He was well pissed off, as he had regular as clockwork, tore up the town [can't remember where he was stationed] with his mates and had on this occasions stepped in when one of the newbies was getting ripped apart by a trio of castenkops. Trouble was he used a glass and even more trouble due to the increasing numbers of glassiness, the Div General had the previous week made glassing Box heads a prevalent offense.
I remember it because I had to wear me No2 dress to escort him there and I was heading home on leave, also on that flight was a Pay Sargent who had swindled the MOD out of £100,000 [I seem to recall]. They got him, but they had no idea were the money was.
Singers 83.

In a bar that had both Country and Western, load of US Marines.

Conversation went along the lines of "you nearly got handed your arses by the Argies" which I came out with a casual remark "well you did get your arses handed to you in Beirut. Cue big punch up and various shore patrols.
Iserlohn 1981/2 - 5 Sqn's Summer BBQ mitt Pads.
Les R.. decides to bin the party and go for a beer in 'our' pub, just over the bridge. On his own. Comes back a while later, beaten up to bits by the RHF.
Next: a whole binch of singlies storming out of the gate (not even bothering to book out...), ripping a Boxhead fence to pieces and trying to storm the disco part (cellar) of said pub.
Next: Jocks trying to get out, things flying alles uber den platz, bouncer cradling his pistol and general mayhem.
Next: GCP, dogs, guns, shouting and 5 Sqn doing a bug out to everywhere. I ended up in Hemer station, underneath something.
Next: through woods, back to camp, nicked by monkies, all RE's allowed in 1 cell to get our story straight, Jocks were split up, Jocks got the blame, were sent to NI for 2 years and we repaired Boxhead fence.

Good barby, I won a drier in the raffle, fat load of good to a singlie!

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