......and then it all kicked off.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 27, 2003.

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  1. ....Belgium 1998

    Pleasant summers' evening ,Lots of squaddies pissed up on biere blanc, at a camp that was the training depot for belgian paras...

    Singing competition, between us and the belgian paras. Them singing lots of mournful tunes about the Congo and such, loads of bier drunk, very pleasant evening

    Then the belgies got brave. not sure what they were singing, but the words "Anglais" and "Merde" starting cropping up awfully close together

    From our youngest holder of the "Cap badge of heroes" "Ashley ah' said Ashley" (U know who u are Kev)

    "'ere pongow, yam speak the lingow, what am they saying?"

    "I do believe they are saying the English are shite Ashley"

    "Really? Roight!...........and if it wasn't for the brits you'd be a kraut"

    ......and then it all kicked off...........

    So insert yer fighting stories.....
  2. I didn't know Belgium had TA units as well.
  3. Ther Belgiques are pussies so the Belgique TA must be superfuckingpussies.

    Remember storming their camp in Soest circa 94 after England had beat them in and International, went straight through the gates, straight into the camp and kicked it off inside. Not big and clever you might say, but it fucking well was considering thay had an armed gate guard and all we had was plenty of Auntie Stella :D :D

    As for the others, take yer pick, the regulars have had that many of them that we tend not to remember them all :wink:
  4. An Essex town around May - June 1990. Sqn mini bus driver parked in the market square with his mate in tow. Four pisssed up civvies approach mini bus, get in and tell the driver to take them to a town near by, this coupled with threats/shouting/slaps to the back of the head, etc. Drivers mate runs off, leaving civvies giggling to themselves. What they didn't realise was, that the drivers mate had run to the pub across the square, were most of the Sqn MT and Sigs were drinking up. In bursts the drivers mate, blurts out the situation. I can still remember the look on one of the civves face as 20+ lads arrived at the mini bus. They received a kicking. One jumped in a taxi and locked his door, only for one of the LAD chaps to jump in the other side door and drag him out to the waiting crowd. One even put up a fight, but as it was all one-sided, he went down in a rein of blows. Not big or clever, but all part of Sqn life.
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  5. ORG, I take it that you must have been an in mate of Salamanca Bks?
    What was the name of that sh*thole disco down the stadt?

    I quite like the Belgies. They make stonkin' beer and were clever enough to provide 'pomme frittes & mayo' vending machines on street corners. Brilliant when you were tanked up and starvin'. WOuldn't last 10 minutes in a UK town.
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  6. Was indeed an inmate of Salamanca

    The two shit holes down town were The Big Ben and The OG (Old Germany), guaranteed a fight with either the Royal Scots, or, if the Scaleys were in, we would be with the RS having them :D Don't ask me why, never personally had a grudge against the sigs, that’s just the way it was. I remember a particularly good one kicking off in there one night when a certain Para Reg full screw pilot (A*** Twe**) got on the stage at the Ben, took the mike and declared that everyone in there was a "fucking crap hat wanker" :lol:

    The local schutzenfests at Soest and Bad Sassendorf were usually a good venue as well, along with Stickies (in 6 years there I never learned the proper name of that place, it was just full of, well, Stickies) where the GCP would quite happily use CS to get you outside, that one did get particularly nasty though and ended up with a kraut being killed in the late 80's.

    Next on the agenda would be the train station, which started to sell booze at 0630, exactly 30 minutes after the OG had shut, which just so happened to be a 30 minute walk away :D Not a clever place to be when sober at 0700 on a Saturday morning :D

    My oh my, I have made BAOR sound like it was just one big constant piss up interrupted by the odd bout of senseless violence :wink:
  7. The Big Ben, that was the one. Used to travel up from Sennelager every now and then. Did you ever get to the other 'Old Germany' in Buren, just over the B33 from Soest? Travel down the B1 to Geseke and turn right at the main lights and then all the way to Buren (it's all flooding back now!) That was always full of those Belgian squaddies who guarded the SPAM missile site just behind Buren. Or that place in Saltzkotten on the B1? Can't remember the name of that one either, but it was pretty big and one of the better German clubs (more Brit music and less of the Euro pop), but it was difficult for Brits to get in.

    One thing I did notice about the Belgian Army...........they drove those awful trucks which looked like they'd came from WW2.......mind you so did some of the Belgians!
  8. detmold bopp every friday and saturday night and sometimes on tuesdays was always kickingwith 15/19 and 4/7 trying to take on the mighty 4 with 70ac in tow. i received many a black eye back then.
  9. Fecking hell terra showing your age a bit :)

    Do you remember Chubby Brown doing a turn at the Naafi :?:
  10. You both mean the Chieftain Club in Hobart Barracks, Detmold. I can remember the tankies constantly fighting around the back. I can also remember the Grumbleweeds performing one Wednesday night in the mid '80's and a fight kicking off in the audience !! The tankie wives were a force onto themselves when the lads were away on ex :wink: . Can you both remember the eating area in the Chieftain? The ceiling covered in chips, pizza and NAAFI pies !! The microwaves were caked in sausage roll bits and the greasy vending machines dishing out cartons of Danish milk !!
  11. Gunny,
    I can remember the eating area in the Chieftain Club, the bar.
    Especially the tall thin german barmaid who used to wear very little, she was married to someone at the camp in Lemgo and went through alot of tha lads at Hobart Bks like a dose of salts.

    Then there was Karl the assistant manager, remember him short curly hair, glasses :?:
  12. What was the name of the bar - out the back gate and half way down the hill on the right - you could always get a good pint and a good fight in there - ruled by 4 Armd Wksp I seem to remember.
  13. Do you mean Felix's bar.

    Then there was also the Icebar which alot of you frequented :lol:
  14. Felix's Bar - that's the one. My last undying memory of that place was the night before I left Detmold in 88 - i walked in and there were just bodies lying in a mixture of blood, piss and beer - the funny thing was that everyone elde was just standing around taliking and drinking like this was the most normal of evenings. Well, it was really - but you know what I mean.
  15. Off topic but what the hell!!

    The memories..... did 5 Armd in Soest and 4 Armd in Detmold between 81 and 85. Remember the family that owned and ran the Big Ben, Ralf was the son/barman/bouncer and his elder sister was an absolute babe. OG was a dive but interseting when the infantry were out on exercise and the wives were out on the town!! Remeber 2 VM's who always kicked off with each other and we would always just leave them to it until they'd had enough of knocking lumps out of each other and would settle back down and carry on drinking. Both Gary's, one W***** and the other O'**** if anyone remembers.

    Was Stickies called Paschas(spelling??)? Used to pass it on the way to the patch. Out of bounds for most of my time there due to a fatality on the entrance steps. Interesting on the few occasions we got in tho'.

    Typical summers day in Soest was early down town to get a good pavement table to watch the girls go by in an ice cream parlour. Drink beer. About 1830 head for the Chinky by the railway station. Drink Saki. Finish meal and Saki and head for OG, BB etc drink whatever and then carry or be carried out in the early hours.

    Remember the Ice Bar and Felixes in Detmold. Got into a ruck in a pizza parlour for standing up for Daley Thompson when he was neck and neck with a boxhead (Jurgen Hingsen?) in the Olympics. Germans took offence when they slagged Daley off and we responded by calling their man a Nazi. Not original but we were wrecked.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories.