And the Winner Is:

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    That'll learn him.
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  2. Hang on:



    Cheating bastard.
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  3. Hello Mrs A? I have some good news and have some bad news
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  4. Ah well, that's another mong gone then...
  5. Silver lining, eh?

    Does he get a Darwin award along with his python?
  6. He died because no cunt was game enough to do mouth to mouth on him. The festy cunt.
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  7. As always, its one rule for the living, and another for the dead.
  8. Wassis? Man dies after eating cock...

  9. I'm guessing they don't get out much in Broward County.
  10. Did he die of a bug?
  11. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    This is an outrage. I've seen no mention of a dangerous cockroaches act from either presidential candidate. Edward RIP you legernd. I've written a poem:

    Edward, Edward, you're now with God
    'cos you tried to trough an arthropod
    Best mucker ever for the mortal risks you'd take
    So your oppo could win a really big snake
    'Event Safety' your t shirt said
    Oh! The irony,'cos now you're quite badly dead
    But your death's not in vain, a lesson learned is always nice
    HSE guideline: only boiled mice
    Blended into a rodent puree
    So as not to spoil a happy day
    Edward, you're in a better place
    A bit like Disneyland, but up in space

    I'm sorry but the muse has left me and I need to finish this safety case.