And the Winner Is:

Hang on:

According to rules posted in an online forum, the prize would go to “the guy or gal that eats the most bugs in 4 minutes without vomiting.”

After downing more than 20 giant creepy-crawlies, Archbold vomited, collapsed and died.

The grand prize has been put aside in his name and will be given to his estate.
Cheating bastard.
“He seemed like kind of a wild guy – he was wearing a bandanna, wrist bands and a shirt that said ‘Event Staff,’”

I'm guessing they don't get out much in Broward County.
Did he die of a bug?


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This is an outrage. I've seen no mention of a dangerous cockroaches act from either presidential candidate. Edward RIP you legernd. I've written a poem:

Edward, Edward, you're now with God
'cos you tried to trough an arthropod
Best mucker ever for the mortal risks you'd take
So your oppo could win a really big snake
'Event Safety' your t shirt said
Oh! The irony,'cos now you're quite badly dead
But your death's not in vain, a lesson learned is always nice
HSE guideline: only boiled mice
Blended into a rodent puree
So as not to spoil a happy day
Edward, you're in a better place
A bit like Disneyland, but up in space

I'm sorry but the muse has left me and I need to finish this safety case.

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