And the Weather Forecast is....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ACAB, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. Apocalypse Now!
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  2. So you're having Vindaloo curry Thursday night?

  3. Yes, with a Mayan side salad of the Four Horse Horsemen, Plague, Famine, Death and War!

    "And behold a Pale Horse, and he who rode upon him was named Medium Kebab, Chilli sauce, no salad"
  4. Don't forget to freeze the cumfy bum first Mukker ^^
  5. better go about pissing people off while i can then!
    your a cunt in fact your such a cunt that you are in fact one big useless cunt!
    oh and have a nice day now, cunt!
  6. It's you're a cunt, not your a cunt, cunt!
  7. 999° is a bit low if I'm honest.

    That's not even high enough to melt the steel in the World Trade Cen...

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  8. Well, I'm booked up to see a Panto at Sarf-end with all the TOWIEs.... then home for a rumble across my bed with Nurse Olga and Matron before my bedtime cocoa and Meds.....

  9. Thank you and, dare I say it, it is so refreshing to be called a cunt on the internet (again)

    Now, down to business, tell your missus to wear her white G string and suspenders tonight with black stockings. I'll supply the handcuffs.
  10. Girlfriend left about 9 months ago, best thing that happened all year!
    But your welcome to have a poke, most of surrey have!
    And heard she is giving a few "friends" an std for xmas!
    Join the list & live the dream at the clap clinic!
  11. Clearly an STD was preferable to having sex with you. ;-)
  12. That'll be the end of the world for you then? Will they do a lezzer show for you first, to get you in the mood? And post photos if they do obviously...
  13. Norovirus has hit 750,000 people
    I reckon its gonna mutate and we will all puke and shit ourselves to death on the 20th after it spreads globally in under a week.
  14. Hey Kritz your definitely a grammer nazi did you're mother beat you?