And the thought horse meat in burgers was a problem

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CrashTestDummy, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Shhhhh what did prisoners think was in strawberry mousse. That gelatine was err....
  2. Oh dear, wotta shame, never mind....'ere Charlie, 'ow long for them sausages?
  3. I`m confuckingfused sodding Strawberries. Eh?
  4. I am really, honestly trying not to laugh. I'm not having much success though.
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  5. The cue for hundreds of devout, observant, religious muslims, all with numerous and colourful convictions, getting outraged and demanding compo for the infrigement of their human rights.
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  6. The Quran does not require you to kill yourself if you eat pork.
    If you eat it unintentionally, it is not a sin and you are free of guilt.
    If you eat it intentionally, if you pray with an honest heart to Allah asking for forgiveness, you will be forgiven.
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  7. I'm outraged!! They only found traces??
  8. The same report as revealed the horse meat in burgers also mentioned pork in "beef" burgers.

    I actually thought that the whole kerfuffle about horse was a bit of "spin" by the media to draw from the pork issue.
  9. How soon before we see the label this product may contain traces of Horse, Pork, Lamb and anything else we managed to sweep off the abbatoir floor......

    Best tasteing pies ever.....
  10. Where will the Halal butcher who supplied the meat be seeking asylum? Denmark?
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  11. It's pretty much what we get in sausages anyway.
  12. When I was at school one of the things that used to come up on the menu from time to time was "roast meat". Every day it appeared 700 pupils would ask "what sort of meat is it?" and the dinner ladies would say "roasted" 700 times.
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  13. Shouldn't have double underlined "Halal" on the order form...