...and the suffering continues


Iraq food aid faces delays

The first major United Nations food aid is expected to arrive on the outskirts of Baghdad on Friday - but it faces a further delay before it can be handed out.
A convoy of 50 trucks has crossed into Iraq from Jordan, carrying 1,400 metric tons of wheat flour - enough to feed 100,000 people for one month.

But the aid will have to be stockpiled in warehouses on the outskirts of the city until the area can be declared safe.

Our correspondent in Baghdad, Richard Galpin, says the US military has stopped the UN World Food Programme (WFP) from carrying out security assessments of the capital, meaning the agency cannot immediately distribute the food

I'm sure there is a very good military security reason for this, I mean, there has to be, because the Americans say they control Baghdad, don't they?

Or is hunger a good way of subduing the locals?