And the news just gets better - Sarkozy non to Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Psypher, May 7, 2008.

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    This is turning into a great week :D
  2. Good Effort. He shags fit women, he hates Blair, and he definitely isn't an arse bandit.

    Are we sure he's French? Could we make him an honorary citizen of the UK?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Thank God for a bit of common sense. And from the French too!
  4. Don't be sucked in. Sarkozy is just another politician. If he's vetoed Blair, it's only because he has found a more lucrative candidate.
  5. Got to admit though, its still a result. :)
  6. Sarkozy said non, Merkel said Nein.

    Face it Bliar, you're not coming back.

    Happy with that.
  7. Who the feck is blair? .....Oh him. I take it he never got cancer of the arrse then. I have got to get a refund on that voodoo doll. Take it the wifes cu.nt hasn't got her head shoved up it then?
  8. HOLD ON. stop the press a second, yer telling me a Frenchie stopped Blair getting a lucrative bum on chair fat pay packet job in Brussels???

    I might start eating French chesses and start saying Ow La La
  9. Hurrah for the French and the Germans! Bliar - nul point!

    He'll cut an increasingly laughable figure on the margins of public life. No-one will be interested once Broon is gone. The money won't last long either, not at the rate the toxic couple spend at.
  10. Maybe the frog see's more in Merkel................

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  11. No, he isn't French. He is of almost pure Hungarian extraction - so you can guarantee that his doris takes it up the arrse and he beats her in private. :)
  12. Interesting, the report only appeared on the BBC site and nobody else picked up on it. BBC & politics? Surely not!
  13. Well, Well, Well!

    Looks like Blairs (and Browns) betrayal of our country regarding the EU constitution has backfired! His 30 pieces of silver has been denied him!

    Hopefully this means that their mates in the judiciary may give us our referendum when the case eventually reaches the High Court.

    I won't hold my breath though.
  14. the outrageometer went from "apoplectic red" to "incandescent white" when that ginger cnut Chris Evans said he had extensively asked around and "nobody in the studio or at Radio 2 voted for or even knows anybody that voted for Boris Johnson"..."so how come he got in".

    So in a whole radio station paid for by the tax payers, nobody is voting conservative. Not the sports presenters, not the directors, not the producers not the traffic moose...nobody. And they whinge about accusations of bias.
  15. Well what do you expect from an organisation that takes EU money and only advertises it's jobs in Pravda aka The Guardian?

    The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is on very thin ice regarding it's bias.

    It even uses Licence Payers cash to gag FOI reports into its anti Israeli bias.

    Bin the licence fee, why should we pay for new liarbour propoganda?