And the new Josie Cunnigham Award goes to...

I would
Another gopping minger but this one ripped people off with dangerous fake gear to get her "dream" body.


Always makes me laugh when people who've been to the Sin Bin go on about 'gopping horrors'


She's nowt special - I'd be pissed off if I spent £25k to look like that.

But you've done worse, you know you have.
I've found the solution to this lot.

Especially as you're a bloke [I presume?]

Never mind.

Apparently, that miserable lezzer of a mayoress has gone now and Medicine Hat is once more alive with strippers.

I heard the Sin Bin is gone though. Sad times.
Well, OK, if you lot don't want her .....


After a beer or two or maybe a crate or two my standards revert back to what it was when I was in the mob.
Lower than a snakes belly, so yes I would.


Maddison Hawk eh? I see she's got the porn name sorted already.

All that money and she's still got a gopping mush