And the Media are worried about Hauwei - Cisco are even worse....


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Cisco ‘Knowingly’ Sold Hackable Video Surveillance System to U.S. Government

Short quote from the story:
Cisco Systems has agreed to pay $8.6 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of knowingly selling video surveillance system containing severe security vulnerabilities to the U.S. federal and state government agencies.
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Haha, Cisco caught (again!), they have more security holes than a leaky sieve.
It's been downhill for Cisco ever since they released 'Thong song'

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I recall being briefed about 6 years ago that something like 70% of Cisco routers were Chinese counterfeits, produced by MSS affiliates and sold as genuine to penetrate US Government systems.

ET: they are such good quality replicas, that Cisco itself have difficulty in identifying the fakes without running extensive diagnostics.
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