And the Happy Couple are.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Jack H, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Just been asked to put this on the "Arrse Couples" thread, but figured it deserved one of it's own...


    [align=center]The first Arrse Wedding will take place next Friday and the happy couple are......[/align]


    [marq=left]Lippy and Clerk of Death[/marq]

    [align=center]Congratulations to you both, and sincere wishes for a wonderful future together![/align]

  2. Congrats! I'm so happy for you both!

    (Whoever you really are)

  3. I am depressed.

    Hey Lippy can I kick in your backdoors before the big day :D
  4. Sorry to piss on yoru fire but its not the first arrse wedding.

    Congratulations anyway to the pair of you....C-O-D you have a fetish for ladies with one buster? :D
  5. Only after you post the video of Corps kicking in yours, we know it exists! :lol:

    Congratulations Lippy and CoD, hope everything goes well.

    Beebs x
  6. Awww. come on Lippy, just one time before you get hitched, just to stroke the tip.....
  7. No. Pervert. 8)
  8. Eff off the lot of you :lol:
  9. Well done you two! Told you he would spill it first!

    Have you told everyone I am going to be a bridesmaid?

    I am bringing the rest of the fire station as well......

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  10. My wife to be and I both say EFF OFF with a smile :lol:
    BTW , MDN, there are 2 not one !!!! :wink:
  11. Didn't spill, I was asked, and you didn't "fall" for your UDI, you were pushed ;)

    Can I be a Page Boy & wear one of those cute skirt things??? :oops:
  12. Does the husband to be know she was once spitroasted ? :D
  13. prove it :wink:
  14. TWAS just threats not promises though you bag of shite :lol:
  15. Nope I recall....... Aunty Stella had the loud end I had the sticky end with hair round it :D