And the darwin awards for the year 2013 get off to a great start

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. I think Darwin Awards (as the name implies) requires the removal of the ability to reproduce. Thus removing the cretin gene from teh gene pool...

    The Barby in the BBC article is wrong too. It is supposed to be a kettle type, not a LAD special
  2. No award - nobody brown bread.

    *** beaten to it by Choc frog ***
  3. Mate, there is a pretty thick line between banter and cnutishness on ArRSe... guess which side of it you're on with comments about other's kids like that?
  4. It's BR, it's allowed.

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  5. What's wrong with remarks about children? I was hoping yours would be killed in a motoring accident, thus saving later generations from exposure to your family 'internet fuckwit' gene.
  6. I've observed the homoerotic seduction you two are involved in and I've decided which of you is the biggest whiniest tosspot.

    It's you by the way, you fucking crybaby.
  7. No you fucking spastic its A, Singular and B, Too fucking wet up here, Been caught with sticky fingers or bribing a judge/playing at being an officer again again or maybe making a new troll acct eh Chinooks dad/Scuba frog

    Nearly one for a DA at 35 secs in
  8. Did they have boiled eggs with it though?
  9. Bedsit? You speaking from experience you fud
  10. May I suggest you do it by means of PM's in the future because frankly it bores the shit out of me.
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  11. Yawn, why dont you take 5 mins out must be time for you to empty your glue over your laminated avatar you creepy cunt
  12. I don't believe I made any mention of BR boring me. He started a thread in good faith which you immediately decided to utilise for your own sad needs. Seems to me that you have very little else to live for.
  13. Getting back on topic.

    Precisely how f***ing thick do you have to be in order to get a barbecue going indoors? If this clueless old biddy had carked it, the loss to the humanity would be pretty negligible.

    And, whilst I'm at it, what is it with middle aged women and fire? Remember the woman in York earlier this year - with petrol in a jug in her bloody kitchen.

    BBC News - Diane Hill seriously burned pouring petrol in kitchen
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  14. It's pretty! :)
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