And the Council Gravy Train keeps on chugging along

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. The firm I work for makes thousands from the council - for simply rectifying problems that could be avoided if the council workers simply did their jobs. It's all down to budgets and who is held accountable. Too many people, way down the food chain who are allowed to dip into budgets with impunity.
    The same goes for the NHS and Primary Care Trusts - except on a much more massive scale.
  2. Oh yes. While the amounts involved were small I came across an excellent example of this while working for a PCT.

    A manager (who just by chance came from Nigeria, but that's by-the-by) was in charge of one of these outreach projects looking after a minority community (no, Outrage-Heads, not Muslims on this occasion). He completely failed to understand that I could not just release cash to him to hand straight on to the "community leaders" without some form of accountability.

    All sorts of excuses were used like how it was culturally difficult to get receipts, or how names and addresses could not be released because the "community" was very insular and did not trust a government agency to hold their details. The manager, despite being quite senior, also thought I would be stupid enough not to spot that he was putting through large volumes of petty cash requests at just below the level needed for audit or approval...

    So let's get this straight. He wanted money to procure health outcomes with no review of how the cash was to be spent or recording of the outcomes. Interesting concept.

    Edit to add:

    I also had concerns about the numbers of iPods, PS3s & the like being bought as prizes (bribes) for people taking part in various healthcare initiatives such as Chlamidia Screening (no, this is not a new member of the TOWIE cast, it's pissing in a bottle). There were lots of legit receipts for the things being bought, but not so many for the things being handed out...
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  3. If it means I get a better pension after TC Brown raped the old system, I'd be happy if the trustees invested in Zyklon B, and machetes for Rwanda.

    Money is like soldiers, it doesn't matter where it comes from. How many of the people whinging about it would be prepared to take a drop in income to have baccy banned from the UK? Not many I'd wager.
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  4. Good. Glad it's invested in something used the world over which will always make returns rather than some wishy-washy "ethical investment" which rips off poor farmers overseas to keep the Wa-Benzi in flash motors & liberals over here in a state of moral superiority so intesnse they almost pop.

    BTW, are you please with yourself for bringing tobacco over here & indirectly contributing to my 20-a-day Marlboro habit?

  5. Recycling manager of my local pocket dictatorship is Romanian. Silly me though Romanians could not work in Britain before 2007.
  6. Smoke, smoke and keep smoking. You pay lots of tax on ciggies and I approve of that.

    Ex smoker, smug as ****.

    Could you please call for a non smoking bullock cart for me? Thanks awfully.
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  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    cant see a problem with that. If the gubment were so concerned they make it a class c drug.
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  8. As far as I can deduce it, it is simply a question of supply and demand, the Council demands, i.e Council Tax, and we, we being the payers, well we simply supply the loot, QED, what they do with all their larcenous gains is deemed "Not in the public interest" to know about or is covered by the Data Protection Act, so, just sit back and enjoy the show, oh and dont forget to pay on time.
  9. And once again, Scotland leads the way: City of Edinburgh Council have pissed away close to £1 Billion on a Trams system the vast majority of people did'nt want.

    Chef, let me know what price your council are charging for Zyklon B. I might finally have found a use for that abortion of a Parliament building...:twisted:
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  10. I whole heartedly support this line of enquirey!
  11. I remember being invited to a Help for Heroes House/Garden Party (large Devon city) a couple of years back, attended by mostly council office types. A good enough gesture, they raised a few bob and at least they did something for the charity. Not so good were the lardy council mouthy types, swilling beer congratulating themselves for being local council and "better to be on the inside pissin out than t'other way round". "Fcuking punters down the Centre today, do my head in". And interesting how the system seems to run on friends-of, family, and old boys/girls network.

    Tw@ts... to the last desk jockey, and oh so PC reciting their (issued?) scripts in public .-)
  12. Much as I tend to dislike petty minded, power hungry councils, I've a couple of points to make:

    a) In the private sector, the CEO of an organisation of several thousand people would expect to be paid 6 figures and I don't see why councils should be any different. There are very few people capable of leading a council, which means we've little choice but to pay them well. The alternative is to employ somebody less talented for less money, but this might cost substantially more in the long run. Don't forget that good management is about saving money and getting more done for less.

    b) It's daft to blame council execs for being well paid or trying to become better paid. If indeed they are overpaid (i.e. earning more than they're worth), it's the system that's at fault - and the people who operate that system who need to be brought to account.