And so it starts.....

First it was Zimbabwe..........
And now the day that we have all been waiting for has arrived, it marks the start of the end. Like Zimbabwe, white South African farmers have a limited time left living on their land.

The futue... Zimbabwe style evictions and mass murder of white south african farmers. That would be my prediction, unless something drastic is done. As for 2014, I did say a year ago that the South African government have made it their un-official date where-by they want all whites out the country..... pessimistic I know, but sadly true.

----But Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka says the pace of reform should be speeded up - as in neighbouring Zimbabwe, where most white-owned land has been seized by the state.

"There needs to be a bit of oomph. That's why we may need the skills of Zimbabwe to help us," she said.

I like that part the most.

"What are we going to do?"
So is the current land distribution fair in your opinion?
I can see the logic behind this if the land was taken 'illegally' when apartheid was in full swing,

Mr Visser's father bought the land from a black farmer through a forced transaction in 1968.
but what disturbs me is handing over land to persons with little or no knowledge of farming as witnessed in Zimbabwe. The South African Government needs to manage this correctly, and not make sloppy decisions just to appease the black population. After all, it trades under the banner of 'Peace and Reconciliation'.
Ah the rights and wrongs of the past debate again. It all boils down to where you, as an individual, think that relevant history starts.

Is the reallocation of land going to the family of the 1967 owner, or other people? Returning it to the family of the original owner is easily legitimated, even if arguably unjust. But there is no element of return if it is handed to people chosen just because of their skin colour. And we are assuming thet said 1967 owner acquired the land legitimately: he bought it or inherited it but obviously never acquired it through tribal warfare by earlier generations, say. What if he was a Xhosa and his grand-dad had battled for it from a Zulu. That a whitey "stole" it later is almost irrelevant. We'd be debating thieves stealing loot from eachother.

No doubt some bright spark will point out "it doesn't matter, so long as the recipients are black"...

Much more information needed to reach a considered and just conclusion, but the sirens are screaming for IA drills from all pale-faces, imho.

Good luck, for I doubt there will be much justice, and there will be an awful lot of consequent pain when the harvests dry up.
PartTimePongo said:
So is the current land distribution fair in your opinion?
Would it be fair if the land was properly paid for and still 80% white owned? The only "fair" thing is that the land is farmed by those capable of farming, and not those that meet a certain skin color.
If it's all 'whites' and not just the farmers, then SA will go the way of Rhodesia........a great big black sh!t heap because it cannot survive without old whitey and they are welcome to it.
The thought of the 'fairest cape in all the world' ending up like the rest of Africa is just sickening.........."pass the sick bag Alice" as John Junor would say.
Nothing but trouble on the way I fear.
Good post by Zaphodski above. I feel drawn to the present farmers side, although that is probably because i'm white, however, if they are returning the farm soley to the first "non white" that turns up then hell mend them, when it all goes bust and St Bob is asking for money, I know where mine will stay.
Sadly I think that this is a situation driven by ideological policy under which only what is perceived to be right by the powers that be is considered. Any attempt to interfere by western governments especially Great Britain will be dismissed as racism. Any one who believes that the current model of government policy in Zimbabwe teaches anything other than the folly of putting nut jobs in power is in for a shock.
Would it be fair if the land was properly paid for and still 80% white owned?
PartTimePongo said:
Would it be fair if the land was properly paid for and still 80% white owned?
Thanks, was worried you were in support of a commie style land grab. But in light of Zaphodski, I think it hard to determine who actually owns what.

I see it now; 10 years, or sooner, we will see pictures of starving south africans ;-)
Said, it before. If you want to eat, it might be an idea to have people who might actually have the first fcuking clue about how to run a farm in charge. Somehow, I don' think there's a huge stock of Black South African agricultural college graduates ready to take the reins. Incremental change might be a possibilty, but considering that Zim is next door and they can see the results, I can't see why they're pushing this policy.
I was in Sudan in 2003, even in it's capital Kartoum, it was a dog eat dog world, full or bribery and corruption, but they had it 1000% better than the people out in the country.

I met with a English guy working for the UN and he told me he pulled into a remote village that had not seen a white/English person since 1956 when the British pulled out and the local police chief was recalled. A old local man came running out and hugged him and would not let him go, he was in tears, He thought that the British were back and everything would be OK again. The UN guy said it broke his heart to have to explain that he was there as part of an aid convoy.

South Africa ... Take note of what has happened in the other African countries where the local people have 'taken' back their lands ....All they have achieved is civil war, hunger, corruption and the death of another part of what is the wonder of the African continent.
Feel it's time for cards on the table.
Go for it South Africa and kick the whites out, (now, there's a country that can be anti white if any) but think very carefully what you are doing, I am the white middle class that supported the freeing of Mandela but I did'nt do it at the expence of your country going to the dogs. Remember this, you have no oil and your token Icon is free. Tell me why you are now democratic and why I should support you, because from what I see as you have nothing to give, If you continue on this policy you will be left AIDS ridden and broke like the rest of Africa.


Well, when they do f*ck it all up.........they won't be able to blame it on 'whitey'.
Biscuits_AB said:
Well, when they do f*ck it all up.........they won't be able to blame it on 'whitey'.
Wanna bet? Take a gander at the anti British imperialist bile that Mugabe's still spouting. Of course the blick saffs will blame whitey. And no doubt the pinko tree huggers and Guardianistas will encourage them.

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