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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by littlejonny, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,

    As seen on the news just hours ago the first significant body of Troops has moved out to Afghanistan, no doubt soon to be joined by one of our own Units. Do we really know what were getting into here? This will be like no other deployment of that Im sure.

    Please feel free to add opinions on could be a weighted discussion, like WTF are we supposed to be achieving at the end of all this? shouldnt we have finished Iraq first? Oh yeah the US is pulling troops from Afghanistan.......

    Whinge Ends

    LJ :wink:
  2. I do not understand the deployment of WAH64's to Southern Afghanistan. What possible use will they be? Far better to send Lynx, at least they can be used to ferry limited numbers of troops around the country. Maybe MOD are using Afghanistan as a testing ground for the Apache deployment capabilities.
  3. Concur. Excellent operational area to 'test' groundcrew and aircrew in theatre. Wouldn't the terrain be an excellent place to put the Apache and aircrew through it's paces? Wouldn't like to be a bowser mong though. I'd f**king shinf all day for six months stuck next to a leaking bowser and nothing to look at except rocks and mountains :lol:
  4. entered in error.
  5. I'll second (third?) that also. Hear mutters about ISTAR or 'deterrence' before people look away in shame.

    No doubt it'd be a cracking ride given a regiment of tanks to blast through, rest of the time though.... Hope they like LFA 10 and STANTA...

    It's the reason I said no to it anyway.
  6. The Lynx effect - Base location 6000' AMSL. Average temp in June approx 40 degrees. I haven't got any manuals with me but rough calculations means about 20 minutes (on the optimistic side) worth of fuel with a doorgunner, as long as the doorgunner doesn't have more than about 120 rds. Thats with no pax and no load. I'm sure someone will do the sums and let me know how far out I am.

    ashtrays on a motorbike spring to mind.
  7. Point taken Floppy. However, compare the Lynx figures with those of the WAH64 and what do you get? I am asking a genuine question because I havent got any idea of performance figures for the 64 as I left the Corps in 89.
  8. Are you trying to say that dg's are fat?? lol
  9. Back to the original issue, WTF are we doing there apart from mopping up that, that the Yanks have left for us? A line from a film if I may, coughs and clears his throat......."There may be trouble ahead "

    Best of British to all those boys and girls who go, God speed and all that ...............
  10. Rocks Mountains and a Gandalph wannabe with an RPG pointed at my Refueller!

    Is it common knowledge or just a rumour that the all singing all dancing new aircraft refueller (OshKosh) is going into theatre without armour? apparantly too expensive? (Forgive me if this is a rumour, we are in the right place for this sort of thing). Apparantly the Corps did procure enough Armour for some of the fleet however a U-Turn down to funds seems to have stepped in? Can anyone outhere shed any light?

    Of course people who know Zilch could say, and probably will reply "why do you need armour?" (most likely response from somebody 1500ft up at 180kts)
    I pose a simple question that has been niggling away, how do we protect the troops (Our Groundies) out of the perimeter fence? on rebulk runs? or transit from the port? I draw your attention to these same troops of which most have never been in a Naafi fight let alone been shot at!
    The roads in the province are very limited for such a large vehicle (oshkosh is articulated for those who dont know). I would point out that an ambush of such a key vehicle was a very strong likely hood, I'm not scare mongering just trying to emphasise that this could be a whole new kettle of fish we are undertaking.........spend the money? Why are we making do?

    I did here the Oshkosh would never leave the FOB? thats ok then! could we have that in

    LJ :evil:
  11. Afghanistan on one side, Iraq on the other , Iran in the middle. Sounds like a pincer movement to me.
  12. How very shrewd of you, maybe even a swing left onto Syria to polish off the evening somewhat.
  13. LJ, There just isnt any money anywhere. The defence budget was halved 2 years ago I believe then frozen until 2008...or something like that (really cant be bothered to check) and alas boys and girls are sent out to play with last years toys that were procured under the old "we can save money by buying the armour etc next year" "nuh huh!"

    Its a common theme nowadays...did you ever read Tom Clancys Red Storm Rising..The only mentions of us Brits even then was that we ran out of ammo quickly and started to fight with our shovels. Difference nowadays is that we start with our shovels whilst we await the ammo to be bought.

    Muttley Out