......and so it begins.

BBC governors set to be scrapped


The BBC's governors are set to be replaced after 78 years with two new bodies, the government has proposed.
The governors, whose dual role as regulators and cheerleaders of the BBC has been criticised, would be replaced by a BBC Trust and an executive board.

The proposals were announced by Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell with the publication of a Green Paper into the corporation's future.

But the licence fee would be kept for at least another 10 years, she said.

The main plans in the Green Paper are:

BBC governors to be abolished and a new trust established to "speak up" for the licence fee payer
Licence fee to remain - but a review will examine other funding methods
BBC told not to "play copycat" or "chase ratings for ratings sake"
More programmes to be made by independent companies
The governors' current role was "unsustainable" and lacked "clarity and accountability", Ms Jowell told the House of Commons.
Tesse has made the point a couple of times in TV interviews that they want BBC to produce serious and responsible programmes.
Like North Korea - honouring the Big Boss?
I reckon it beguned a good while back.
Thank gawd for the internet (and HF propogation)
How long before pictures of Big Tone and the wide mouthed frog begin to be sent to all schools, and pupils told how great they are for the country :evil:

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