And People Wonder Why We Have a Tea Party Movement

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 4, 2011.

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  1. Note that this article discusses the fraud, waste and abuse of both Republican and Democratic administrations. Increasing numbers of Americans are quite weary of our federal government apparently continuing to merely seek more taxpayer money to keep pouring into existing and a seemingly never-ending list of new programs and agencies without doing anything to stop the leaks.

    Of course, in our Alice in Wonderland world today where nothing is what it appears and terms like "million" do not even register on the feds' radar screen when it comes to wasting our money, this is not a big deal.

    Report: FEMA hasn't tried to recoup $643 million
  2. Never seen the Simpsons episode where Homer gets $1,000,000 cheque from the IRS?

    Sad to say there is nothing new about this sort of thing on either side of the pond.
  3. I know--as I keep saying my gripe(s) are not just with our current Master (and Nobel Laureate). It is the clear progression of big government to get bigger using the peoples' money as if it is the government's. Without opining on the situation in the UK since I do not know the details, in the US we have politicians (again from BOTH parties), supported by the government workers' unions that depend on the bloated bureaucracies created by the pols, who have successfully gotten large segments of our population "hooked" on government "benefits."

    This creates a vicious circle in that the government does this to get votes to keep them in power and to get more power they need to co-opt more and more people. That is one of the motives behind "health" care among other government programs that as I keep saying has much less to do with any altruistic concern for people's health and much more to do with increasing their power.
  4. (Slightly off topic but...)
    From my recent visit to Washington DC for the Mid-Terms, I've got to say that the amount of money that is spent on politics is un-believable, especially when compared to the UK! I attended a lecture with two former Democrat campaigners and they truely believed that the billions spent on corrupt career politicians getting elected was completely justified. The fact that you (the US) have organisations that pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to Congressmen and members of the goverment for merely listening to them is just ridiculous. Someone once told me that "Every member of Congress is corrupt, except your own."

    I completely understand why the Tea Party exists in America but I can't help that feel that some of their proposals would simply make the situation go from one extreme to the other.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator


    Just another political drum to bang.......
  6. What you also need to remember is that the TPM is not one organization with one agenda. If it was, then it would be too easily co-opted by the political establishment. We have seen it over and over. The value of the TPM is that, as shown in the last by-election, it is making the smug elitists see that there may be (I am still ambivalent as to whether we can reverse the downward spiral) a limit to how far they can take advantage of us and that they cannot totally control the propaganda machine as they have been doing due to the ideological corruption of our media. Of course, they have realized what is happening and that is why they are now targeting the internet and alternative media.
  7. Perhaps with some but I can assure you not all.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Palin seems to be making good money out of it by all accounts......and I'm sure when there is a possible cash/vote cow others will be trying to milk it.
  9. Perhaps. She is just one person and as I have said, do not believe all the media propaganda about how "shallow," bigoted etc. etc. the TPM is. I do not follow much of what Palin does and most of the people I know who are involved in the TPM do not "follow" any one person. Most use the Constitution as the template and judge what our government and any politician says or does in that context. Principle is much more important that a particular "victory" that requires compromise of principle.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    When it comes to polititians I am cynical about motives. When it comes to American polititians I am VERY cynical about motives - there is simply too much money involved.
    The chances of forming any substantial body with truly noble crusaders with no self interest, is zero.
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Our new UK Govt is just as keen to throw away taxpayers money, the 'cuts' mask profligate giveaways to people with no claim on our charity, to Europe and to the politicians themselves who are still milking the system as hard as ever.
  12. We have self interest. That is the whole underpinning of the American way of life--the opportunity to use your own talents and drive to achieve your goals. It is, however, tempered by the reality that this can only occur if the political and socio-economic system is functioning as intended by our founders and in accord with the Constitution. This is really the fundamental point. Progressivists believe in a "lowest common denominator" for the masses--a minimal standard that does not allow for much variation while of course, the ruling elite exempts itself from much of this.

    While the post modernists would have you believe otherwise, having and living by principles is not exclusive to self-interest. Selfishness and self absorption are IMO different from self interest.

    This is achieved relatively slowly over time as in the US and other "western" nations where the people are slowly (like the proverbial frog in the pan of water) accustomed to increasing reliance of their government to do things for them they (and their private institutions of family, church or other groups) should do for themselves or more quickly as we have seen repeatedly as in 1917 Russia, in the 1930s in Germany among myriad others.

    People, especially in our post modern world full of so many frivolous distractions (now that most of us are freed from the drudgery of merely staying alive and feeding ourselves), have very short memories and it only takes one or two generations to destroy the sense of self worth and confidence of people and their traditional support structures (family, church and community). The result has been an increasing downward spiral of these people with near total destruction of their families and futures.

    We have seen this very clearly and tragically in the US as a result of the so-called "War on Poverty" that created a welfare state that is the modern day slave plantation. It is no coincidence that the people who suffered most in Katrina were those who had been quite cynically and purposely kept dependent on their local government (funded largely by the federal government) in order for those elites to stay in power even though wholly corrupt and incompetent as the aftermath of Katrina showed.
  13. I've said before, and I still maintain that the inherent US distrust of government has actually stilted the capability (not size) of the resulting bureaucracy, and its ability to spend tax dollars wisely.

    Whilst tilting at our own Gobernment departments and Civil Servants is considered good sport here, I would love to see how the British public would react to dealing with the DMV* or SSA!

    *or rather DMVs, if they had the temerity to move across the country! ;-)
  14. We can agree to disagree as to whether we the people are to blame in the way you suggest. I think we are to blame for our complacency in having allowed our government to get the degree of control it now has over us at the expense of our freedoms.
  15. Yet more evidence in support of my view that such things are a product of universal "human nature" that has not changed and will not change. If we allow those who set themselves up to be our ruling "elite" to act without oversight to keep this nature in check, I suppose we have only ourselves to blame.