And on to the Gravy train goes the Family Brown......

No surprise here other than how long it has taken.

The commercialisation and money grubbing habits of the political class is disgusting and needs to be looked at. This country's dim delight in buying said crap from money grubbers like these (and other Z list persona's such as Jordan - Vol 1, 2 and 3 so far) is also pretty sad.

Expect much hype, spin and pish before the great launch... :x


Book Reviewer
can I suggest a title? 'Nokias and Nappies' perhaps?

or how about the straightforward 'Married to the Biggest Cnut in England'?
Hasn't Gordon Brown already wrote a book? somthing about courage although I can't imagine anyone else less qualified to write about that except for TB.
fairmaidofperth said:
He wrote a good biography of James Maxton in 1986, I bought it on publication and have reread it a couple of times.
His choice of subject should have had alarm bells ringing. Maxton was a radical Left army hating war dodging rabble rouser with a personality that had hero worshipper following - something that Brown must have dreamed about.

See how many boxes Brown eventually ticked.....? 8O 8O
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