And On the Subject of Walts...

This should probably have been added to one of the existing Walt threads - but it probably deserves a mention on its own. So my nomination for a place in the Walt of the Walts 2006 award goes to this character:

The inquest heard that another man, Michael Winstanley, had helped save the lives of the two men by dragging them away from the flames seconds before the plane exploded.

Mr Winstanley had remained anonymous until yesterday, while Mr Gallimore became a local celebrity after his award. Outside yesterday's hearing in Bournemouth, Mr Winstanley, 52, a former corporal in the Royal Green Jackets, who served in Northern Ireland, Germany, and Cyprus, urged Mr Gallimore to return his medal. He said: " If he was decent enough, he would have turned round and handed the award back and said: 'I have lied' but he isn't going to do that."

Mr Winstanley, who now works as a window fitter, added: "I'm not a hero. I just had to do it." He said neither he nor Mr Gallimore deserved a medal. "If anyone deserves it, it is the pilot. If that plane had come down in the theme park, there would have been a lot more fatalities."

Hurrah for the much maligned RGJ and huge testicular thingies to the arrsewipe who thought he would bag himself a gong for doing feck all.
I particularly liked this bit :
"It [his account] was a little bit embellished but I did go to help. I am not bothered about what has been said.

It's good to see his integrity is still intact :wink:

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