and now Kipling gets the Rhodes treatment.

Probably not. We tend not to arrest people for doing things that aren't crimes and an organisation's elected officers replacing one artwork with another on that organisation's property isn't a crime.

The Student's Union - whose property it is - have the ultimate decision on whether it is or isn't appropriate behaviour on their property and they seem to have come down on the side of 'is'.
Ahhhhh. Fair enough. I thought that the poem was up in a public place and was the property of the university. I shall go and slap myself in the face with a Haddock.
Whilst there's a few posts on here latterly that the thread could lose - It would be a shame to lose the thread in its entirety.
Viro Bono would have known what to do. Widow's rabid outbursts would have been thinned out
Sorry, I assumed you were one of the 'I went through education 30 years ago and know everything' brigade.

My apologies.
Haha no problem.

Can you not tell from my blatant lack of social skills & general knobheadedness I hail from the younger ilk?

After Herrick some go and enjoy life- I on the other hand went back to university like a fool.
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Please look up irony in the dictionary.

"...I haven't...set myself up as an arbiter...."
" I have called people racist-based on what I have perceived......"

You are either an embittered person of colour, which I don't believe, or on a wind up.
Either way, your contradictory dribbling is tedious.
I cannot be bothered with you (on this thread) anymore. The last word is yours.
See ya!

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer

I have obtained a masters in law (MLaw) which is an accelerated two-year, full-time postgraduate degree in law.

The MLaw is recognised by the Law Society and the Bar Council as a qualifying law degree for practice in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

To complete the degree I required a total of 300 CATS . Twelve modules (20 CATS each) must be taken and a dissertation (60 CATS) must be completed.

So I have benefited from university level education rather recently prior to speaking to this man down the pub.
dont be bringing in reality and common sense here man !!!
Whether the mods play or not it is time for me to put the silly Widow11 thing on Ignore. At least it will make the thread a little more interesting.
Probably for the best.
Just giving it the attention it craves only feeds it ego.
I can picture it sitting at its computer positively cumming with excitement at the attention.
Either a silly troll or a total idiot; probably both.

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