And now for some good news. HET state the obvious.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by foggy_balla, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. UTV News - IRA 'fired first shot' in Loughgall

    Given the history and background of the personalities involved and the hardware they were carrying (large IED, assault rifles, body armour being worn). Also their MO for the planned attack on Loughgall and how they had followed up similar attacks at Ballygawley and The Birches R.U.C. stations, I'd love to hear any sensible suggestions as to how an arrest op could have been succesfully carried out. Seriously.

    For all their bleating, I'm not sure if the shinners would be comfortable with a thorough enquiry into security force successes in the tyrone area during the late 80's, early 90's. School of thought in these parts is that it would be a can of worms for them.
  2. I am qute shocked they got a round off...

    The van they were in looked like a game of kerplunk once all the rods were put in to indicate bullet paths. Can't find a piccy. I thought that Op was a deliberate ambush, the ira festered for years after as they tried to find the 'tout'.
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  3. If ya wanna play Cowboys and Indians, with real guns, the Cowboys are gonna shoot you with real guns.....

    As for that wee **** Barry McElduff, just because yer relative was a dirty scumbag wee ****, doesn't mean it was ok to go around blowing the place up and when faced down, he was lawfully killed.
  4. Supposedly they could have been picked up days before the op happened so the state murdered the brave martyrs by allowing the op to go ahead.Or some bollocks like that.
    Considering it was okay for them to shoot and bomb whoever they wanted whenever they wanted.They whine when one of theirs gets killed.
  5. The father of the bird terminated in Gib whines about that.... she was there to blow up a miliary band but she should have been given 'the chance to surrender'.

    They don't quite get it to they?

    That and whines about 'shoot to kill', it wasn't like the rai were practiceing a 'shoot to scare' policy on its own victims that it murdered in cold blood.

    The 'voluteers' should have known teh score , they weould be terminated like the vermin they were.
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    "Gis a second lads I'll write the address down for ye"

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  7. there's also the theory that these guys wanted to ramp up the war with a flying column and liberated areas bollocks.
    Provo 1921 walts if your asu consists of 8 blokes your not realistically going to create any liberated areas.
    The fact they'd blown two RUC stations with digger bombs and another digger had been stolen doesn't take much to figure out what the next target is going to be.
    a jcb is not exactly covert rather limits your options.
  8. You go round callng yourself 'soldiers', 'army' and killing without warning.... well, don't start crying when the other side puts the mallet o n you.