and my soul has just died

With the folks watching that cr@ppy Eurovision thing on the box, Missus being in Kent, The Prospect of Sunday Mass looming and basically no one on MSN but needy attention seeking emos I have come to the comclusion that my soul has finally died and departed the body.

I would much rather be stagging on in the pissing rain that be at home on a saturday night, at least that way I'm pre-oocupied and enjoying it. Or at least moaning about being cold
I would but my bergen and basha are at the TAC untill next week. Maybe i could di oue of those gray issue blankets instead
auscam said:
You must be in Limbo then; if you were in Hell, you'd only be able to post in the Word Association thread.
True, that thread is an abortion. I might stick to the Cultural Corner
rogermellie said:
how about phone the samaritans and see if they give a fcuk :?


How about phoning them up and threatening to kill yourself if they don't talk deep down and dirty with you.
Some of the councillors even admit to washing behind the foreskin.
Mass, abortion is this turning into some kind of the Popes coming thread. Convert to the dark side then you can get bladdered and stay in bed on Sunday, shag your neighbours wife with a Johnny on (if it fails not feeling guilty about the magical coat hanger trick) the list goes on and on. The best bit is you don’t have to sit behind a wee screen boasting to some stranger about all the shite you have done in the last week, promise not to do it again next, week say some mumble jumbo all is forgiven or just log onto ARRSE tell us no lines or strenuous arm movements other than typing.
rogermellie said:
how about phone the samaritans and see if they give a fcuk :?
Don't bother. I tried once. I thought it was going well until I heard the sound of a Webley at the other end of the phone ...

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